easyJet passengers stranded after pilot refuses to take off due to 'funny smell'

PASSENGERS had to get off their jet and were left stranded after a pilot refused to take off due to a “funny smell”.

Tea easyJet flight was canceled for safety reasons over the “chemical” pong, although it is understood other crew did not smell it.

Passengers faced travel chaos when the easyJet app deleted their boarding passes after a pilot detected a 'funny smell' before the planned flight to GenevaCredit: Alamy

Some of the 106 passengers waited up to five hours without food or water — and faced further chaos as the easyJet app deleted their boarding passes.

Others were charged for accommodation and transport in Geneva after the flight from Birmingham was focused on Wednesday evening.

Kristin Beattie, 57, from Loughborough, said: “I was getting picked up in Geneva by someone who's driven from Orelle, so I've had to book him a hotel in Geneva.

“I was only staying until Sunday so a whole day of our holiday has gone.

“It was past 9pm and the information board still said 'We will update you at 8:30pm'.

“Sitting on the plane they were very quick at telling you what's going on and how we were not going anywhere, and at quarter past ten we were still stuck at the check-in desks at departures.

“We've been sitting here like mugs.

“I wanted to just book a hotel, which I could have done hours ago, but they may never pay you back.”

The flight finally took off at 9.20am the following morning.

EasyJet said it had provided hotels and coaches and “safety is our highest priority”.

Moment EasyJet couple 'caught joining mile high club' are applauded by passengers as they return to their seats

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