Alain Delon affair: dump, dust and alley cats… his house in Douchy left abandoned

For several months, Alain Delon has been at the heart of the news. His three children are torn apart over his state of health. His daughter Anouchka would like, among other things, that he settles in Switzerland. However, the 88-year-old man has always indicated his desire to die on his property from Douchy (Loiret). He would also like to be buried in his private chapel.

It was at the beginning of the 1970s that Alain Delon settled in Douchy. After repurchasing the domain of La Brûlerie, the actor had the castle demolished. Instead, he built a contemporary house. “It overlooks an artificial pond, has a cinema room, a games room, another sports room and an indoor swimming pool.e” indicates the magazine Societyin an issue published on Thursday February 15.

Alain Delon's house is currently abandoned

According to information from Society, the property of Alain Delon gradually deteriorates. Indeed, the floor of the house would even be unused. “It serves as a warehouse for film reels, several hundred wafers of 300 meters and 30 kilos each rolled up like snails, covered by dust.” evokes the magazine.

On the other hand, the domain extends over 120 hectares of land. It includes in particular “a chapel, a track for racing horses, a garage for Porsches and Ferraris, two gasoline and diesel tanks for the helicopter”. Luxurious facilities which would also left abandoned. Nature would even reclaim its rights there with “a forest for a garden, deer as alley cats”.

The actor's son had already mentioned the degradation of Douchy

If the Douchy property deteriorates over time, it is mainly because of cost of its maintenance. In the past, Alain Delon had also indicated on this subject: “Douchy costs me a fortune in maintenance”. More recently, it is his son Alain-Fabien who mentioned its degradation.

During an interview given to Paris Matchon January 10, the 29-year-old man explained: “I'm all alone most of the time trying to patch up a house where everything is broken, where the electricity doesn't work. I'm all day managing employees, everyone's moods, managing my father who constantly asks me if it's morning or evening.”. There House of happiness would therefore be nothing more than a shadow of itself.

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