'Funny Girl' now center stage at Shea's Performing Arts Center

BUFFALO, NY — Fresh off a successful Broadway revival, Fanny Bryce and the national tour of “Funny Girl” are making a stop at Shea's Performing Arts Center in Buffalo.

The show tells the story of a girl who was told she would never be a star, who goes on to become one of the most celebrated performers of her time.

Izaiah Montaque Harris plays Fanny's best friend and extrodinare tap dancer, Eddie Ryan.

“It was absolutely gorgeous. Buffalo was one of those cities that was with us from the first night and we appreciate that so much, because the first night I just get to scan out the audience and talk to them, see if they're with us, and they were with me the whole way through,” Harris told 2 On Your Side.

Harris says his favorite part of the show is getting to showcase his tapping talents during his character's tap number.

“I'm a tap dancer through and through, and this is a time where I really can show what I've been doing all my life,” he said.

Even if audiences don't know the show that well, they likely know the hit song, “Don't Rain on My Parade,” performed in this production by lead actress Katerina McCrimmon.

“I am on stage for the first time, yes, oh my gosh, it’s fire,” he said. “Everybody's heart is beating so fast because like I said, the score is beautiful.”

“My biggest thing is I want people to just come and enjoy,” he continued. “This version is a little different from the Barbara Streisand version. This show is so alive that we don't even know sometimes what's happening and what's going to happen on stage, and so listen to the sound track watch the movie if you want, but just come to see the show with open eyes and we'll surprise you.”

“Funny Girl” runs through Sunday, and there is an opportunity to win rush tickets for every performance.

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