Jean Reno: His life in New York surrounded by very famous neighbors, he teases Laeticia Hallyday and her adopted city!


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Passionate about singing, Douze coups de midi and Jul's discography, he dreams of participating in Fort Boyard despite his phobia of snakes and Father Fouras. His secret ambition? Discover what is hidden behind the mystery curtain of Bataille et Fontaine to sing there in a quartet. The truth is at the end of the corridor…

We sometimes see Jean Reno near Baux-en-Provence, the town of which he is the cultural advisor. But Jean Reno has also lived, for twenty years, in New York with his wife Zofia and their children.

Jean Reno: His life in New York surrounded by very famous neighbors, he teases Laeticia Hallyday and her adopted city!

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It is currently showing at movie Retirement home 2by Claude Zidi Jr. This senior role is inevitably surprising. We saw Jean Reno hitman, diver, often in the heat of the moment… but the 75-year-old actor has no problem accepting his age or playing it. “I'm not going to make a newlywed film at my age.he jokes in the pages ofu magazine Gala. We cannot be and have been! We have to face reality. And the reality is that I was born in 1948. Even though my body is fine, my mind is there, I'm my age.”

Career-wise, Jean Reno is not at all ready to hang up his apron. In addition to his multiple film projects, he will publish his first novel in May. It is a romantic story which takes place between Quiberon and Oman. However, the actor is used to performing in front of other sets. He divides his life between the south of France but especially the United States, where he recently toured for F. Gary Gray. His heart city is now New York. He has lived there for 20 years and met Zofia Borucka, his Franco-British wife since 2006 and the mother of his children Ciela, born in 2009 and Dean, born in 2011.

In France, he is cultural advisor of Baux-en-Provence, in Bouches-du-Rhônes, as he reminds the newspaper The Parisian. He created a theater course and a singing course on site and he goes there very often. And New York in all this? “It's a city apart. It is a bridgehead of Europe. 97,000 French people are settled therehe assures Gala. I could never have lived in Los Angeles. I spoke about it recently to Laeticia Hallyday. This city is the apology of solitude. In Manatthan, I know my neighbors, the doorman greets me. And then, New York is also an eminently cultural city. When you go to MoMa, the Museum of Modern Art, you realize that they are not only American, but very open to other cultures.

Jean Reno can afford to tease Laeticia Hallyday by talking about her adopted city since she is a close friend. He is even the godfather of his daughter Jade. In France and across the Atlantic, the actor is definitely very well surrounded. His neighbors in New York include the writer Marc Lévy and the legend of the seventh art Robert DeNiro. “He is 80 years old and I have great tenderness for him, he emphasizes. He inspires me a lot, because he is the perfect example of a career that lasts.”

Find the interview with Jean Reno in Gala magazine from February 15, 2024.

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