Accused of sexism after denouncing the hosts “who are puddings and who should go to Weight Watchers”, Pierre-Jean Chalençon is destroyed in “Face à Hanouna” – Watch

There is a new negative buzz around Pierre-Jean Chalençon who once again acted provocatively at Jordan de Luxe on C8. The former participant in “Affaire concluded” on France 2 wanted to comment on television presenters and he denounced the “many presenters who are puddings on the small screen and who should rather go to Weight Watchers to lose weight “

Accusations which earned him accusations of sexism, and last night in the new Saturday show “Face à Baba” the columnists had a field day destroying the antique dealer. Note that Pierre-Jean Chalençon who was to be on the set canceled his presence at the last moment.

Cyril Hanouna, explained “that he had been ill all night and was obliged to cancel his face to face with the columnists. An excuse which did not really convince the people around the table who launched: “The The truth is that he was especially afraid of being destroyed!”

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