Amanda Lear pulls out a transparent top for a theater evening… The actress acclaimed by Francis Perrin and Dave!


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On February 15, 2024, Amanda Lear's friends met her at the Théâtre Libre to support her for her new role in the play The Money of the Old Lady adapted from the film by Luigi Comencini, released in 1972. A great success for the actress who plays a billionaire “Auntie Danielle”.

Amanda Lear pulls out a transparent top for a theater evening… The actress acclaimed by Francis Perrin and Dave!

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Bernard Montiel, Francis Perrin and her daughter Jane (who plays in the play), Dave, Isabelle Gélinas, Yamina Benguigui, Ariane Massenet, Hervé Vilard, Jean paul Gaultier, Anne RoumanoffJean-Michel Ribes, Bruno Putzulu and his wife Suzana, Olivia Sabah, Hélène Médigue and her daughter Jeanne Labarthe, Orlando, Bernard Menez and his wife Maribel, Annie Grégorio, the director Raymond Acquaviva and his wife or even Vincent Lacostethey were all present to cheer Amanda Lear in the room Old woman's money (performed from February 1, 2024 to April 21, 2024 at the Théâtre Libre, Paris 10th). Totally crazy, the actress appeared in a satin liberty bathrobe on stage, regularly provoking fits of laughter from her audience.

The pitch for this new play adapted from the comedy by Rodolfo Sonega? “An old billionaire with an explosive temperament organizes a card game at each stage of her travels, promising her fortune to whoever beats her. In Paris, his victims are Jean-Luc and Pierrette, a desperate couple preparing every year to recover the old woman's money. With the help of their mischievous and strong-willed daughter, they will do everything to fool the billionaire and her butler, too devoted to be honest.“.

An “odious” countess

Invited by Europe 1Amanda Lear also spoke about this play in which she plays “the most odious of countesses“: “I saw this role and I said it's a wonderful idea to play this woman, a kind of odious billionaire Auntie Danielle, I love doing that and we've never done it. Ultimately, it's very funny, but it's very mean. It is the story of a widowed and rich countess who lives with her butler Georges whom she rules with the rod and with her maid Anastasia whom she tortures daily. She is extremely manipulative” she confided, adding with humor: “The more I say stupid things, the more people laugh“.

In the past, Amanda Lear had already played Joan Crawford alongside Michel Fau, This new play Old woman's money is originally a film by Luigi Comencini, released in 1972, with Alberto Sordi, Silvana Mangano, Joseph Cotten and Bette Davis in the main roles. It had already been the subject of a theatrical adaptation in France in 1981, in a production by Jean-Luc Moreau.

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