Christine Citti (Les Enquêtes d'Eloïse Rome) victim of incest, raped by five directors… She recounts her ordeal


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Christine Citti adds her voice to all the victims of the French entertainment world. The actress is said to have been confronted, on five occasions, with rape and sexual assault in her artistic environment.

Christine Citti (Les Enquêtes d'Eloïse Rome) victim of incest, raped by five directors… She recounts her ordeal

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Victims have been speaking out for several years now. Relaunched in 2017, the #MeToo movement has never been as strong in France as in recent times. And for good reason. Judith Godrèche filed a complaint against Benoît Jacquot For “violent rape of a minor under 15 years old” and another against Jacques Doillon, who allegedly raped her on the set of the film The 15 year old girl at the same age as the heroine she played. This gives everyone the strength to express themselves. And it's the turn of Christine Citti, whom the general public knows in the role of the investigator Eloise Rome, to reveal the ordeal she suffered, for years, to Médiapart.

The 61-year-old actress immediately explains that she was a victim of incest.with traumatic amnesia“. She warned her children before speaking because she believes that they have “already toasted“.”Incest conditioned everythingshe admits. It teaches you to be quiet. We're dirty. We think it's our fault, since we provoke desire. I learned very late to say no. To understand what consent was.“This is what actually pushed her to hide in silence even though she had many things to say. Without always managing to put words to words, she explains having been the victim, on five occasions, of sexual attackers throughout of her career.

Christine Citti raped while taking a sleeping pill

From the first film in which I participated, I was confronted with the problem of aggressionsays Christine Citti. It was a small role, I was 18 years old. On the second day of filming, the director forced open the door to my room and raped me. I thought it was my fault, and I didn't tell anyone. The next day, I left by train. Until three days ago, I never said it.“The actress counts on her hands the number of filmmakers who have”completely well behaved” with her. She remembers, with horror, another attack she suffered when she had just taken sleeping pills to sleep, in the middle of filming a TV movie in Marseille.

One evening I woke up to find the director in my bed trying to penetrate me. I was in the coaltar, I was totally scared. I let him do it“, she admits. Christine Citti also attended some inappropriate behavior of Gérard Depardieu while she played with him in the film When I was a singer by Xavier Giannoli in 2006. However, she never dared to file a complaint against anyone. “It never crossed my mind, she regrets. In any case, no one would have believed me. Besides, no one will believe me. People will tell me that I want to relaunch my career… when really, I am far from all that.”

Christine Citti is also a screenwriter and director, she has acted for cinema, television and theater.

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