Rita Mitsouko: Catherine Ringer talks about the death of Fred Chichin, father of her 3 children, “I need to take a little break…”


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Guest on France Inter this Monday, February 19, Catherine Ringer spoke about the death of her former companion and half of the legendary duo, Les Rita Mitsouko. Nearly 16 years after the guitarist's death, the singer continues to experience immense pain when recalling his memory.

Rita Mitsouko: Catherine Ringer talks about the death of Fred Chichin, father of her 3 children, “I need to take a little break…”

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It is one of the iconic duets of French song. From 1979 and the beginnings of Rita Mitsouko until the death of Fred Chichin at the age of 53 in November 2007 following a devastating liver cancer, Catherine Ringer and his partner have had an incredible career. With hits like Marcia Baila Or It's like that, the two artists quickly become huge stars and the couple on stage is also a couple in life. Together, they will have three children: Ginger Romàn, a 39-year-old actress, Simone Ringer, 33 years old, graphic designer and singer in the group Midnight with his brother Raoul Chichin, a young guitarist, just like his father.

Invited on the set of the France Inter morning show, Catherine Ringer was able to talk about her life, her art, but also the more difficult moments. “It's not part of life to just be happy. Life is made up of ups and downs and if there were no downs, there would be no ups, it would be flat”, philosopher the 66-year-old artist. Speaking of “down”, Léa Salame evokes in particular the death of her former companion, whom she continues to “celebrate” on his Instagram account. On November 28, in tribute to Fred Chichin, the singer, victim of a bad fall and who recently gave her newspublished a youth photo of his former love. “16 years is a long time, but it feels like yesterday. That’s the age you were in this photo”she adds in the caption of the black and white photo, taken in a photo booth.

A difficult time to manage for Catherine Ringer

“It's true that, during the anniversary of the death, I must not be the only one to feel that, people who meant so much, there is a total lack of energyas if everything had been sucked out of me”says Catherine Ringer on France Inter. Breaking the silence to reveal the illness she suffered from after her canceled concerts A few years ago, the singer with the golden voice continues to experience a lot of sadness on the anniversary of the death of the father of her 3 children. “I need to take a little break at this point.”she concludes.

On the stage of the Théâtre de l'Atelier in The eroticism of livingmusical readings of Alice Mendelson's poems from April 1, Catherine Ringer will certainly have a thought for Fred Chichin when she arrives on stage.

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