VIDEO “Do you think this amuses me?” Didier Barbelivien annoyed, he reframes a Télématin columnist on a delicate subject


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Obelix of the celebrity press, she fell into it when she was little and never really left the pot. His favorite pastime? Scour the social networks of stars to find clues about breakups or new couples still kept secret.

Didier Barbelivien is not the type to twiddle his thumbs. The singer and composer published a book at the beginning of the month, a work which he came to promote on the set of “Télématin” this Tuesday, February 20. The opportunity for one of the columnists to address a very close event, far from pleasing him.

Didier Barbelivien, guest of “Télématin” for the publication of his novel “The only way to love” published by Fayard © France 2

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There are artists who are content to evolve in the environment in which they made themselves known. Others go further and multiply the experiences like Didier Barbelivien. On February 7, the 69-year-old singer published a novel, The only way to love, published by Fayard. But this is not the only news that concerns him. On March 10, the artist will take the stage of the Folies Bergères in Paris to celebrate a very special birthday: his 70th birthday.

Didier Barbelivien took great pleasure in putting this show on track and did not hide his joy at the idea of ​​meeting his audience that evening. Blowing out 70 candles is, however, not an idea that enchants him. The columnist Samuel Ollivier understood this to his cost.

In return for publicity, Samuel Ollivier took the time to represent the guest of Telematin. And what was his enthusiasm to list all the upcoming projects of Didier Barbelivien. Except that when talking about his 70th birthday celebrated on March 10, Samuel Ollivier was somewhat heckled by Didier Barbelivien : “But don't talk to me about that, everyone talks to me about that! Do you think I like this thing?” he retorted, a bit sharply without laughing. Aware of having perhaps made his interlocutor uncomfortable, Didier Barbelivien elaborated with a bit more obvious humor this time: “It's not so much the idea of ​​being 70 years old, it's that I tell myself that the days and months that will come later won't help me either.

Didier Barbelivien, in a relationship with Laure, 28 years younger than him

If the years go by and he can't do anything about it, Didier Barbelivien still has energy to spare, even as the anniversary that he dreads approaches. It must be said that with Laure, his wife 28 years younger than him and their twins, Louise and Lola, aged 13, Didier Barbelivien must keep in shape. Suffice to say that the women in his life are his rejuvenation.

In a recent interview with the magazine Here isDidier Barbelivien returned to the age difference he has with Laure which made him doubt at the start of their relationship but which he absolutely does not regret today: “I met Laure, I wondered about this age difference, but our relationship developed naturally. Today we have two daughters, […] a pair of binoculars that helps me see life better” concluding with a : “They bring me youth, freshness, the grace of insolence.“His secret to feeling good in his sneakers…

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