EXCLUDED Alicia eliminated from Koh-Lanta 2024 and transformed since filming: “There is a before and an after”

After the departure of Steve to the yellows during the launch of Koh-Lanta, The Immunity Hunters, another adventurer is forced to leave the game. At the end of the second episode broadcast on TF1 on Tuesday February 20, 2024, it was Alicia who was eliminated from the red team. Her strong character, the reasons for her elimination, the criticism, her new life after the game… The young 23-year-old entrepreneur speaks candidly to

Alicia eliminated from Koh-Lanta 2024: she knows why

Why do you think you were eliminated?

I know why. I think I was eliminated because already sportingly speaking I am the weakest on the team, you have to be objective. On the camp, officially I didn't do much. Because I was tired after the tests, and I didn't particularly have the determination to help them. All of this put together meant that my elimination happened quite quickly in the adventure.

Do you understand the reasons given by your comrades, namely your sporting shortcomings?

Yes, I understand them. But I would have liked a little more honesty from them, as I told the council. I can hear that I am weaker athletically speaking. There is no problem about that. I saw my adventure, I experienced it myself so I knew it. I just wish someone had told me things clearly.

You say you are “shocked”, that “between what people say and reality there is a world”, do you understand Emilie and Cécile's explanations?

Today we get along very well. But we didn't come back to the subject in the sense that it remained a game. Once I left, I moved on, the page was turned and I'm not going to talk about it for 15 years. I don't blame them at all. I understand 200% that it's a game and that they want to eliminate the weakest. I didn't take it personally. In real life it's completely different and these are people that I greatly appreciate.

You even talk about “hypocrisy land”… How would you have reacted in their place?

Objectively, I think that if I had been in their place, I would not have eliminated the weakest because they are not scary. I would have rather eliminated the strongest. The goal is to win as a team but above all to achieve reunification and potentially go to the posts. The strongest are detrimental to us for the rest of our adventure. I would have hit the strong link more.

Last week, you gave up on the balance beam. This week, Meïssa carried you on the course. How do you experience these moments?

It was very hard for me to accept these failures. I had never failed before in my life. I always give 200% to get things done. There, I realized that sometimes my body couldn't go further than that. And it's very complicated to accept it. Because it wasn't a question of willpower, I just couldn't do it at all. I really appreciate Meïssa’s gesture, it’s huge.

Also upon arrival, you called Emilie the “Beyoncé of the beaches” and said that you “can’t see her”. Eventually, you got closer. How do you explain it?

You should know that his character is identical to mine. So when we see his character in front of us, it's complicated. Because I know exactly what is going to happen and if there are clashes, it could go far. She took up a lot of space on the adventure, she has a strong temperament, we see her, we hear her. But “Beyoncé on the beach” was not pejorative. When I saw the tall blonde, I thought about that. Nothing personal or nasty. He was someone I got along well with but who put it on me, so I wasn't that wrong.

On the red camp, David injured his hand. What happened ?

He wanted to cut like a bamboo with the machete and unfortunately he cut his finger. A doctor came quickly and then it was sorted.

Alicia (Koh-Lanta 2024), “a reality TV plague”? She replies

On social networks, Internet users are not kind to you. “Plague”, “unbearable”, “nasty”. How do you react ?

First of all, I don't read, I don't look at this type of comments. I have almost no social networks except Instagram. Everything else I don't have so I don't see. Secondly, I completely accept the criticism. It's part of life, even more so when you expose yourself. I hear it 2000%. But it doesn't affect me. Critics are not the perception of who I am. You can say a lot of horrible things about me, I know who I am. Three-quarters of the time, people don't like me. And I prefer that to being loved for what I'm not. It's OK, there's nothing wrong with it and it doesn't bother me.

Some even felt that you presented a more reality TV profile. Would you be interested in such an opportunity?

I saw that it came up several times, I didn't know that there was a typical profile for participating in reality TV. I'm just me, a little crude but not hypocritical. And then, I would also like to say that we do not do Koh Lanta to do reality TV. They are two totally different things. It's about survival. I have a lot of affection for ALP Productions and Koh Lanta. If I was asked to go back with them, I would do it because it brought me a lot. Doing reality TV, I say no. This is not my life goal. I have projects, a company, things that work. I don't see myself going on reality TV at the moment and even less with another production. I may have the profile, but I don't particularly want to do it. Afterwards, maybe if someone offered me something I would think about it.

Koh-Lanta 2024: Alicia transformed since her return home

What is your relationship with the other adventurers today?

I have very good relationships with everyone. We saw each other at the premiere, we were able to chat. They all have very different but appreciable personalities. I love everyone, especially my red team.

How did the return to reality go?

We find comfort that we didn't have on the adventure. And it feels good. There was also a little questioning for me. Who I am, why, how, what should I do… I took stock of my entire adventure, because I am not perfect. I changed a lot of things. For example, socializing with people, not judging at first glance, getting to know others and their experiences. Because we all have problems in life. I also accepted failure. Today, I have a completely changed outlook on life. It made me stronger. I tell myself that failure might not be so bad in the end. It taught me a lot about myself and the person I was. I grew up, it was a great adventure of self-development. There is a before and an after.

What has changed in your life since then? Koh Lanta ?

I am still the manager of a swimming pool company. And my plan is to make it grow, to go where I want to be in five to six years. So I will continue to dedicate myself to this challenge, body and soul, which enlivens me and does me good.

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