Nora Hamzawi dissociates herself from the release of “CE2”, by Jacques Doillon, Alexis Manenti will not promote it either – Libération

The actress expressed on Instagram her dissatisfaction with the continued release on March 27 of “CE2”, a new film by the 79-year-old filmmaker, accused of rape by Judith Godrèche. To “Libération”, actor Alexis Manenti replies that he will not promote it.

“The release of the Jacques Doillon film in which I starred four years ago is maintained. I do not support this decision which, in my opinion, represents contempt for the words of women.” This is how it is expressed the actress Nora Hamzawi this Tuesday evening in an Instagram story, immediately shared by Judith Godrèche. “What is happening in the cinema sector, and which I hope extends to other sectors, is essential and important. This is the thing to support as a priority today,” adds the one who plays one of the main roles in CE2the new film by Jacques Doillon, in theaters on March 27.

Targeted by a complaint for rape of a minor filed by Judith Godrèchewho denounced facts dating from the filming of 15 year old girl in 1987, the 79-year-old director contested the accusations, to which were added the testimonies of actresses Isild le Besco and Anna Mouglalis.

A “judicial calendar” impossible to follow

The decision to maintain the release of CE2, a drama about school bullying, was the subject of a press release from producer Bruno Pesery. Referring to a consultation “with all the partners who supported the initiative and carried out the production of the film CE2, written and directed by Jacques Doillon”, and highlighting the large number of professionals involved in the production of the work as a collective work, the boss of Arena Films justifies this choice by the impossibility of adapting the release “to a judicial calendar”. And adds: “It is important to us that this decision is not received as an expression of deafness or indifference with regard to the accusations brought against its author: they are serious, we have taken stock of this from the first hour.”

On display, the film brings together actors Nora Hamzawi, Alexis Manenti and Doully, in addition to a cast of child actors. Thought like a “invitation to awareness, dialogue and vigilance” on the scourge of violence in schools, the film was previewed at the Angoulême film festival. It evokes the suffering of a little girl in CE2, harassed by two boys in her class, and the attempts of a mother (Nora Hamzawi) to alert the school hierarchy.

THE risks of a chaotic exploitation of the film persist and its promotion is highly improbable given the reluctance of the casting. HAS Releaseactor Alexis Manenti, currently filming, writes: “Regarding the release of Jacques Doillon’s film, I am not going to promote it given the seriousness of the accusations made against him.” At the beginning of February, Jacques Doillon was removed from the presidency of the jury of the Viva il cinema! in Tours.

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