“It was pure fantasy, intelligence, fun”, greets Jean-Michel Ribes

The doyenne of French cinema Micheline Presle died Wednesday at the age of 101.


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Micheline Ribes received an honorary César in 2004, for her entire career.  (MICHAL CIZEK / AFP)

“It was pure fantasy, intelligence, fun”greeted on franceinfo Jean-Michel Ribes, the former director of the Rond-Point theater (in Paris), after the announcement of the death of actress Micheline Presle at the age of 101, Wednesday February 21.

“She had invented cheerfulness, she was very laughing, she only liked thatremembers Jean-Michel Ribes. She was someone who didn't need to have a career plan because she was completely free.”

“She had something both irresistible and very poetic”

Jean-Michel Ribes

at franceinfo

Micheline Presle will have accompanied generations of spectators and rubbed shoulders with figures of the 7th art of the 20th century, from Alain Resnais to Jacques Demy via Claude Autant-Lara. “She was transgenerational”according to the director of the Rond-Point theater. “She was free, funny, obviously beautiful, and she wanted to have fun. She amused people without ever making them feel ashamed to laugh with her.”

“I have never seen Micheline uncomfortable, he continued. She was always up for it, funny. She was popular but never mediocre and vulgar.he added, pointing “the place where she was: that of a queen, but a funny queen”.

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