Line Renaud: “My body which no longer responds…”, her confessions about her health

At 95, Line Renaud has an 80-year career behind her. Close to his fans, the actress agreed to tell his story in the book Merci la vie. In it, we can read: “One day, I will disappear. I will be forgotten. Fortunately, a few streets bear my name. I will at least be in the GPS”. Throughout her life, self-deprecation was essential for the actress close to Dany Boon, Muriel Robin and Claude Chirac.

Tuesday February 20, 2024, in the columns of Ouest-France, Line Renaud gave her news. “I see my body no longer responding as it used to. I can't walk fast anymore. Or even walk while thinking of something elseshe confided, before slipping: “If I do that, I risk breaking my face! I’m careful and, above all, I’m wonderfully well surrounded. Life has been kind to me”.

Line Renaud: “I know what to do”

During this interview, the artist also spoke about his fight at the end of life. “In September 2021, I spoke in the National Assembly in front of one hundred and thirty deputies in order to defend this ultimate freedom. I saw Loulou and my mother suffering so much. She said to me: 'Do something for me'”she recalled.

Line Renaud added : “We have no right to let people suffer when we know that medically, it is ruined. A law must be made. And if this is not the case, then I will die as a resistance fighter, at home in La Jonchère, surrounded by my friends. I know what to do. I refuse to leave life otherwise than as I lived it. Free and worthy.

Line Renaud: “I want to live every day”

Sunday July 2, 2023, at the microphone of RTL, the 95 year old actress assured that he felt good about himself. “Me, I'm more of those who look forward, I don't look behind. Death will come when it comes. But in the meantime, I don't think about it. It doesn't bother me because the time is written. If you think about it, you are no longer living. I want to live every day, I live well, I am well surrounded”she had slipped.

For Le Parisien, it was the next day that Line Renaud added: “When I take a year, it's not just an extra year, it's above all happiness and morethat's how I take it”.

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