TikTok Video Captured Funny Moment Student Sleeping In Online Class

  • A young man was captured in a TikTok video hilariously sleeping through his online class
  • The guy had his laptop beside him in bed, the professor was moving with the lesson
  • The online community reacted to the video, with many finding the student funny and some relating to him
A TikTok video captured a student sleeping in an online class.
A student slept through his online class. Images: @mrpeko0
Source: UGC

A University of Free State student was captured in a TikTok video in his deep sleep while in an online class.

In the clip uploaded by @mrpeko0, the young man is in his bed with his laptop beside him. The lecture can be heard moving on with the lesson, however the man was well in his deep sleep.

This is not a foreign thing to do for many online students. One took to the comments section and shared his experience, saying that he did the same and was left alone on the platform. The professor texted him, saying the lecture ended a long time ago, and he must exit the platform.

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A guy hilariously sleeps in an online class

Watch the TikTok video below:

TikTokkers laughed at the student

The video garnered over 24k likes, with many finding the situation funny.

@Persecution understood the student:

“This happened to me yesterday”

@Tshepi knows the feeling:

“I don't know how I passed last year because this was me the whole year”

@Chicoa32 said:

“I hate online classes.”

@Emersto laughed:


@Thu Sow shared:

“Today, I was left alone in class, not the lecture, texting saying I must exit cos class ended at 2:00 p.m.”

@collen063 expressed what he was going to do:

“My inside voice was gonna say “'open the guy's laptop camera' and leaves.”

Adorable student schools teacher

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