2024 will be Zendaya's year. After Dune 2, she brings the world of sport to its knees in this film that knows no limits

Culture news 2024 will be Zendaya's year. After Dune 2, she brings the world of sport to its knees in this film that knows no limits

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Zendaya has made a series of large-scale feature films, and this time, she is tackling a specific sport.

Among the actors of the moment who are particularly in demand by Hollywood, figure Zendaya. Revealed by the series Shake It Up broadcast in 2010 on Disney Channel, she became known to the general public for her role in the series Euphoria, for which she obtained several awards for her performance, notably with the Golden Globe Award for best actress in 2023. She also co-stars in Spider-Man alongside Tom Holland, playing Michelle “MJ” Jones-Watson.

Playing roles in major productions, the 27-year-old actress is part of the cast of the science fiction saga Dune directed by Denis Villeneuve. She will be more present in her role as Chani in the second opus which will be released on February 28 in France. Far from stopping there, she will also star in a feature film on Tennis called Challengers, which will be released in April of that same year.

Zendaya at the heart of a film about Tennis

Tennis fans, you might like this new feature film. Challengers features a neon yellow racket and ball champion named Tashi Duncan (Zendaya). After an injury, she devotes herself 100% to the career of her husband Art Donaldson, in order to make him go from bad player to essential Grand Slam star. She therefore makes him participate in a tournament called Challenger, where he will face his best friend, but also former spouse of Tashi Duncan… Between tensions and romantic quarrels, this victory will perhaps cost the former Tennis champion dearly. .

In the main roles, we find Zendaya (Euphoria, Spider-Man), Mike Faist in the role of her husband (West Side Story from 2021) and Josh O'Connor (The Crown) who plays the rival and former boyfriend. It is on April 24 that it will be possible to watch this feature film at the cinema in France, for those who are interested in this story of Tennis and romantic rivalry. In short, the 27-year-old American star's schedule seems particularly busy, but it's to offer us promising films that attract attention. In other words, 2024 is a year rich in productions with Zendaya!

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