“Dear sister…”: Anthony Delon, his scathing response to Anouchka on ALL her accusations


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Anthony Delon waited a few days before responding to his sister Anouchka's comments which appeared in “ELLE” magazine. Without avoiding anything, he returned point by point to what the woman who describes herself as his father's favorite, Alain Delon, accuses him of.

“Dear sister…”: Anthony Delon, his scathing response to Anouchka on ALL her accusations

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In the war that the three children engage inAlain Delon whose state of health is increasingly fragile at 88 years old, Anushka had made resounding declarations in the pages of the magazine SHE released on February 22. The daughter of the sacred icon of cinema and the former model Rosalie van Breemen wanted to defend himself from the accusations made by his brother Alain-Fabien and his half-brother – whose mother is Nathalie Delon -, Anthony. The latter criticized her for wanting to take their father to Switzerland to be less taxed on his inheritance, while her father always wanted to end his life in the Loiret, in Douchy, which his sons wanted to enforce. Anouchka made very harsh reproaches to which the eldest sibling ended up reacting on Instagram.

After a few stories on Instagram which looked more like moods in the face of the declarations of the one who presents herself as the “favorite” of the Cheetah, Anthony Delon entered his account for a very detailed message. It notably takes up the points that the actress denounced. She thus confided that “Anthony and Alain Fabien never had the courage to face it face to face“, to which the businessman, writer and actor responds: “I didn't wait for you to resolve my problems with my father, I was already aware that you weren't born yet.”

Anthony, Alain-Fabien and Anouchka Delon and firearms

Then he tackles the hot topic of guns. Anouchka Delon reported in ELLE that her brothers “walked around the house armed“. What provoked the ire of Anthony Delon: “you spent the summer shooting glocks with your favorite, ex GIGN and head of security at Douchy, to finally bring the gun home to Geneva 'in memory of dad'. For someone who hates weapons, you seemed very brave and 'talented' according to him.i.” As far as he is concerned, he has laid down his arms a long time ago, learning the lessons of his youthful mistakes.

Degrading photos of Alain Delon?

Now comes the question of Instagram photos. Anouchka Delon, who has always regularly posted photos of her dad on her own account, blamed her brother Anthony in SHE, arguing that the immodest photos showed him weakened. He responds for his part: “Since he has been unwell, I have never done it! Or from behind. On the other hand, you did not deprive yourself, the last one was on December 31, with a newspaper to prove it.

Anouchka Delon's apartment in the 16th arrondissement in Paris

Anthony Delon also discusses the apartment in the 16th arrondissement that his little sister occupies and which is in the name of a company whose purchase would have posed a problem for the eldest Delon according to what she was able to say in SHE : “I contributed to it so that we could buy it from you, by taking a share in my name, which I transferred to you 3 years ago to put it in the name of your son Lino. If this purchase had caused me a problem as you seem to claim, I would have sent you upset from the start.”

The recording of Anouchka Delon without her knowledge

In the pages of the magazine SHEAnouchka Delon had also devoted many words to the affront of having been recorded without his knowledge by his brother Alain-Fabien who revealed her words on Instagram, regretting the lack of respect from the one with whom she grew up, Anthony Delon supports her younger brother by estimating that millions of people were able to hear it “talking to a vulnerable, fragile father, scaring him by making him feel guilty to gain an advantage“. Hard to take…

Intervention of justice in the Alain Delon affair

Anthony Delon regrets this family escalation when everything could have been resolved if we had followed Alain Delon's wishes. Justice, which has also classified without further action the complaints of the siblings on the other thorny subject of Alain Delon's relationship with Hiromi Rollin, decided concerned the management of the fragile health of the hero of Borsalinoplaced under safeguard: it is a legal representative who must now assist the actor “for his medical follow-up and as to the choice of practitioners ensuring his follow-up“.

He concluded “I understand your bitterness. In the end, Dad will end his days in Douchy, against your will, you who did not even have the gratitude of your stomach towards the one who gave you everything. “Today he will be redefined as a French resident, that’s a certainty. I’m sorry for you.
I can't help but think that if instead of trying to uproot him by “all legal means” to take him to Switzerland, alone, to a place where he has never set foot, for your sake personal and a future that you dreamed would be even more opulent, you had simply respected his last wishes.
Would we be there today…

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