“They don’t even look at me”: Plastic Bertrand ignored by his children, a “slap” that turned everything upside down


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On February 24, 2024, Plastic Bertrand celebrates its 70th anniversary. Dad of Lloyd and Joy, real name Roger Jouret, experienced a real upheaval when his son and daughter were still children. An experience that he had told to the “Parisien” and following which he had changed everything in his life.

“They don’t even look at me”: Plastic Bertrand ignored by his children, a “slap” that turned everything upside down

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Famous singer from the 1980s known for his hits It's high for me, Jet Boy Jet Girl or Tiny Planet, Plastic Bertrand had mentioned his wife Evelyne to whom he has been married for more than forty years as well as their children, Lloyd and Joy. The artist, who released a last album in October 2020 called Human Experienceindicated thatone day he had a sort of click realizing that he was inexorably moving away from his children.

One day, I came back from tour very tired. It must be in 1985, my 3 and 6 year old children are in front of the TV and don't even look at me. I take a slap, I realize that I am missing out on my life” he confided in the Parisian. Subsequently, he made sure to be more present for his family and thus put a stop to his musical career.

At that moment, I had a flash and I wanted to stop all this bullshit. I didn't want to miss out on my children's lives and who they were going to become. They are the ones who really saved me. I wouldn't be here today otherwise” he also confided in the show Culture Media ofEurope 1 in 2021.

A little crazy dad, the singer of the title Bambino has also always made sure to educate his children by offering them very original experiences. Unlike dads who are a little too traditional and are content to take their children to parks or to their school friends' snacks, Plastic Bertrand had other ideas to help them discover the world: “I was a somewhat whimsical father, capable of taking them into the woods at night to see wild animals, but also very demanding at school. I'm very family oriented and I've been a grandfather for two days for the second time, it's great” he revealed during the same interview.

A grandfather very present for his granddaughters

Also mentioning his wife, he also indicated that he was very happy with Evelyne, whom he married in 1979, and with whom he chose to live separately: “It's amazing, it's true, but we knew each other before success, then married in Los Angeles in 1979. We each had our careers, she worked for a trader, we had things to say to each other when we returned home. And then I like this idea of ​​a couple who live in two places, we work very well like that“. Now a grandfather, Roger Marie François Jouret, his real name, had two granddaughters: Izia in 2018 then Billie in 2020. Things are going well for him.

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