Anthony Delon's acerbic response to his sister Anouchka, after her “slanderous” interview

Anthony Delon

Attacked by her two brothers, Anthony and Alain-Fabien, Anouchka Delon defended herself in the columns of the magazine She, February 21. “His truth” did not please his elder, who responded, point by point, to his accusations.

“The worst p*** blows, from Judas to the present day.” This is the title of the book thatAnthony Delon shared on video this Saturday, February 24. A choice that speaks volumes, accompanied by a long, unequivocal text intended for his sister Anouchka, a few days after her “slanderous” interview, to the magazine She . Alain Delon's favorite daughter returned to the columns of the women's media on the quarrel which has pitted her for several months against her two brothers, Alain-Fabien and Anthony. The latter thus responded, repeating, point by point, the invectives said in the interview: in particular that his two brothers had never known how to confront their father or that they liked to walk around the family house in Douchy armed, so that they knew she hated guns.

“Know that I did not wait until after you to resolve my problems with the father, I was already aware that you were not yet born and everything that had to be said, or done was done,” he said. he first clarified. For the question of firearms, the son of Nathalie Delon, first wife of the Cheetah, questioned himself, not without irony. “You spent the summer shooting glocks with your favorite, ex-GIGN and head of Douchy security, to finally bring the gun home to Geneva “in memory of dad.” For someone who hates weapons, you seemed very brave and “talented” according to him.”

An apartment in the 16th

Furthermore, Anouchka was sorry that her “brothers demolished the image of (her) father. They post photos of him diminished on social networks.” To which, Anthony replied: “Post photos of the father? Since he has been unwell, I have never done it! Or from behind. On the other hand, you did not deprive yourself, the last one was on December 31, with a newspaper to prove it.” The latter also defended himself on the anecdote told by his sister, assuring that one day, when he came to eat at her house, in her studio in Paris, he would have said to her nastily: “Here, this is not is not with you, it will be taken from your share of inheritance. You have nothing.” “Your apartment ? This property that you own in the 16th and which is in the name of a company, I contributed to it so that we could buy it from you, by taking a share in my name, which I transferred to you ago It's 3 years old to put it in your son Lino's name. (there are registers.),” he wrote.

“I understand your bitterness”

Finally, he returned to the recording of his brother Alain-Fabien, having set things on fire last January. Indeed, the youngest of the siblings had recorded Anouchka without her knowledge while she was visiting her father at his home in Douchy. “Millions of people have heard you talk to a vulnerable, fragile father, scaring him by making him feel guilty to take advantage of it. Hard to take… I understand your bitterness,” lamented Anthony. And continues: “I can't help but think that if instead of trying to uproot him to take him to Switzerland, alone, to a place where he has never set foot, for your personal interest and a future that you dreamed would be even more opulent, you had simply respected his last wishes. Would we be here today…”.

While Alain Delon's three children have been tearing each other apart for months, the patriarch nevertheless sided with Anouchka. Let's not forget that in January 2024, he filed a complaint against his eldest son Anthony, saying he was “extremely shocked by all this media coverage”. A position which had further angered the two brothers, certain that their father was being exploited by the one who describes herself as “his favorite daughter”.

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