Letizia from Spain jostled: her classy gesture in the middle of a demonstration hits the mark

Letizia from Spain faces farmers in Salamanca

photo credit: Bestimage Letizia from Spain visits the city of Salamanca on February 20, 2024. On the day of her arrival, she encounters protesters on her route. Queen Letizia of Spain showed spontaneity in the face of banner-waving demonstrators.

Queen Letizia of Spain landed in MatacánSalamanca airport, on February 20, 2024 around 10:30 a.m. The wife of King Felipe VI of Spain visited the city of culture as part of the Talent Tour of the Princess of Girona Foundation. Queen Letizia, as reported by the Spanish media Vanitatishad two programs on his agenda last February 20 in Salamanca.

The former journalist arrived in Salamanca to attend the project presentationSpanish city“. There Queen Letizia of Spainafter this first visit, which took place around 11:30 a.m., then visited the exhibition on the legacy of Carmen Martín Gaite. To attend these two events, the wife of King Felipe VI had to leave the airport. She traveled aboard an official car.

The spontaneity of Letizia from Spain praised

On its way to the capital of the Castilian-Leonese province, the car in which the Queen of Spain was traveling crossed paths with a group of 25 farmers and breeders. On a video shared by the media Vanitatiswe can hear people whistling and booing. It seems that the demonstrators were bothering Her Majesty.

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofia rolled down the back seat window to read what was written on the protesters' banners and to greet them. “It is a very significant gesture, but with which the wife of Felipe VI avoided making a verbal statement on the protests“, we can read in the lines of the Spanish media.

Farmers did not block the road of Queen Letizia of Spain

Spanish farmers demonstrate after the new measures enforced by the European Union and against the standards established by the Government. The protests which lasted for three weeks paralyzed the country's roads.

However, the intention of the 25 farmers, who had lined up on one side of the road, was not to block the queen's vehicle Letizia of Spain. The demonstrators applauded the arrival of His Majesty while showing him their banners. According to the local press cited by Vanitatisthe protesters wanted Queen Letizia to learn about the protests in person.

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