Jimmy Butler's funny reaction to 1-game suspension for Pelicans brawl

Friday's in-game fracas between the Miami Heat and the New Orleans Pelicans resulted in a number of suspensions. All in all, five players were handed sanctions, Jimmy Butler included. The Heat star will be sitting out one game due to his involvement in the altercation, which prompted a funny reaction from the man himself.

On his official Instagram account, Butler posted a screenshot of Akon's song, “Locked Up,” which contains lyrics about an individual who's incarcerated and won't be let out of prison. (by Five Reasons Sports' Brady Hawk)

While a one-game suspension is definitely a far cry from a jail sentence, Butler's hilarious trolling shows that he finds humor in the entire situation.

Other players who'll miss games include Pelicans forward Naji Marshall (one game), Heat forward Nikola Jovic (one game), Pelicans guard Jose Alvarado (three games) and Heat center Thomas Bryant (three games). Marshall was the player whom Butler got heated with during the scuffle. Jovic was sanctioned for leaving the Miami bench while Bryant and Alvarado figured in a fight mid-court.

The Heat ended up taking victory in front of a hostile Smoothie King Center. Before getting kicked out, Jimmy Butler already had 23 points, nine rebounds and six assists. Bam Adebayo and the rest of the squad finished the job without their star forward. Adebayo in particular, spearheaded Miami with 24 points and seven rebounds in 36 minutes of action.

On a three-game winning streak, the Heat have now won seven out of their last 10 games. They'll look to build on their momentum when they face the Sacramento Kings on Monday.

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