Karin Viard delivers a chilling testimony in “C à Vous”

Actress Karin Viard in “C à Vous” on February 26, 2024.
C to you Actress Karin Viard in “C à Vous” on February 26, 2024.

C to you

Actress Karin Viard in “C à Vous” on February 26, 2024.

CULTURE – His testimony reveals the extent of the problem of sexual violence in cinema. The actress Karin Viard was a guest on the show C to you this Monday, February 26 and testified about the silence that reigned in the industry in recent decades. Worse, she remembers that the behavior denounced today was judged “normal”.

“When I was told that everyone was complicit, in that sense I was too, I found all this inappropriate behavior quite normal,” she declares. A shocking confession for the one who at the same time claims to be a ” victim “.

“I lived and grew up in that, basically being groped a little… I didn't think of saying: “But that's not okay at all! We need to denounce this kind of behavior.” continues the actress on the film's poster Madame de Sévignéwhich hits theaters this Wednesday.

Complicit cinema? ” Yes and no “, according to Karin Viard

Karin Viard says she had to “defend alone in your corner” while “very good guys didn’t react”. She is relieved to see that today the situation has changed, but once again refutes the term ” partner in crime ” for all the witnesses who remained silent. “We didn’t see where the problem was”she insists.

“This deafening silence of the cinema which would be complicit in certain actions both yes and at the same time no. Some yes. But most people weren't particularly complicit. It's like you're not asking yourself that question.”she added. “These are inappropriate behaviors that you accept, you don’t even know why. You're not actually asking the question. »

The 58-year-old actress then talks about Judith Godrechewho spoke out after accusing the directors Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon rape. As a teenager, Judith Godrèche had a relationship “under the influence” with the first who was 35 years older than her.

Victim of Gérard Depardieu

“I remember very clearly knowing that this very young girl had gotten together with this very old guy and saying to myself: 'She's really mature for her age.' You weren’t thinking of saying to yourself “there’s something seriously wrong””recognizes Karin Viard.

But for her, it's not just a problem in cinema, it's a problem in society. She cites an example: “I arrived at my job and found it normal to be paid less than a man. Why I do not know. Fortunately now we are wondering. »

Finally, Karin Viard returned to the accusations made this Monday morning against Gérard Depardieu, already targeted by five complaints. The actress revealed that the actor had touched her on the set of the film Potiche released in 2010. “I am not denouncing at all. He tried, I told him leave me alone, and he stopped immediately,” she sweeps away.

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