Gérard Miller, father of a large family: how many children does he have?

Gérard Miller is in turmoil. Elle magazine carried out an investigation into the psychoanalyst who has been working on television for several years. Close of around fifty women accuse him of sexual violence and deliver edifying testimonies. A preliminary investigation was opened to “facts likely to be qualified as rape and sexual assault, sometimes against minors”, according to information from BFM TV.

If Gérard Miller is in the sights of justice today, he can count on the support of his partner. Indeed, the psychoanalyst shared the life of Anaïs Feuillettea television director and producer who is 30 years younger than him.

Gérard Miller is a father of five children

It was during the filming of a France Inter program that Gérard Miller met his partner around twenty years ago.She was in the audience of the show, which Laurent Ruquier presented at the time. I didn't take my eyes off her and, in the end, I crossed the whole lecture hall to talk to her.”he confided to Here.

Before being in a relationship with Anaïs Feuillette, Gérard Miller was married to a fellow psychoanalyst for many years. Together, they had four children who are now adults. With his partner Anaïs Feuillette, he is also the father of a little girl named, Margot, born in 2009.

Gérard Miller's career on television

Gérard Miller became known to the general public thanks to Laurent Ruquier and Michel Drucker. He was their columnist in Nothing to write home about on the radio Or We tried everything And Looking forward to Sunday. During his career, the psychoanalyst has made numerous appearances on television.

In a Special Envoy investigation, collaborators from We tried everything assured that Gerard Miller “was shopping in the public”by going to meet young women as revealed by Le Parisien. While the psychoanalyst worked on France Inter in the 90s, his colleagues had already noticed his attitude…

Testimonies on the behavior of Gérard Miller

Her columnist friend, feminist activist Isabelle Alonso, wrote on her blog in February: “He was often criticized for his way of spotting young girls in the audience and to go and plug them in during breaks”. For his part, a journalist who worked with him within the Media remains “stunned” by the accusations. “He had a reputation for having a marked appetite for young women, but there was no sordid story about him.”, he told AFP.

This Thursday, February 29, Christian Bravo, who worked for a long time with Gérard Miller, came out of silence in the columns of Parisian. “We all knew about Gérard's flirtatious behavior and we openly made fun of him. But none of us were in his office! I was never aware of such facts, fortunately in fact, because I would have been rightly indignant. We have never suspected such scandalous actions. If they turned out to be true, I would be truly appalled!” she concluded.

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