Camélia Jordana cashes in on the cancellation of her marriage, her psychologist opened her eyes!


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Koh Lanta, Les Marseillais but also Married at First Looks… Louise Martin is a televore who tries, in her spare time, to remake the cakes she admires in front of the Best Pastry Chef… but she is not likely to win the blue apron! Social networks have no secrets for her, the latest scoops, the latest shows, she knows them all. She scrutinizes the lives of your favorite stars and admires Nicky Doll's outfits a little too much in Drag Race France. Little neck pleasure

It’s time for secrets for Camélia Jordana. In the pages of “Marie-Claire”, the artist addresses her sentimental situation in complete transparency. The opportunity for the bubbly brunette to talk about the totally unexpected cancellation of her wedding. A choice made after working on it…

Camélia Jordana cashes in on the cancellation of her marriage, her psychologist opened her eyes!

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A plural artist who never stops reinventing herself. It was in 2009 that Camélia Jordana became famous for the first time by appearing in the 7th season of the New star. If the bubbly brunette did not win the famous TV show on the sixth channel, she can boast of having captivated music lovers with many of her music. Having several strings to her bow, Camélia Jordana naturally let herself be seduced by the world of the 7th Art.

Six years ago, the singer also won the César for Most Promising Actress for his role in the film The Brio ofYvan Attal . Continuing the projects, the main interested party spoke at length with the teams of Marie Claire in February 2024. In their latest special issue dedicated to mental health, the singer My king looked back on his private life. The opportunity for the star to openly address her wedding, which was canceled at the last minute!

My friend said to me: Go see this person

If on the surface everything seemed rosy with her former companion at the time, Camélia Jordana had something click about him after speaking with a psychologist. “It was a friend who recommended this good psychologist to me. I was going to marry a man, and my friend said to me: 'Go see this person,' reports the actress to our colleagues. Pushed by this loved one, the young woman was then able to open her eyes on countless points: “I bless her, because thanks to her, I took my legs around my neck.”

Independent, openly feminist And committed to multiple causesCamélia Jordana has learned to listen to herself more over the years. “Love twists the brain, because it affects self-love. We enter the irrational,” she analyzes. I am more careful than before to launch myself into love.” From now on, the actress is cautious when it comes to opening her heart.

“The people who enter my inner circle are people who have taken the time to meet, slips Camélia Jordana. Be it my friends, my closest professional partners, my lovers, my lovers. I can't be in an intimate relationship with someone who doesn't know each other.” Wise decision !

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