Sydney Sweeney openly mocks her fans for fueling affair rumors with her playing partner Glen Powell! Scandal!

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are Hollywood's new romantic comedy couple who have earned immense love and support from fans for their incredible chemistry in the 2023 film, Anyone But You. Many witnessed their great bond during the film's promotions, leading many to speculate that there was something going on between them. Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell as Bea and Ben As speculation about their relationship continues to stir the internet, the actress has addressed these false rumors in a clever way. Sydney Sweeney Addresses Her Affair Rumors with Glen Powell on SNL During her first appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend, Sydney Sweeney addressed several things circulating about her on the Internet in a humorous way, including her dating rumors. affair with his film partner, Glen Powell. Despite her engagement to Jonathan Davino, fans continued to link the two actors in real life. While the stars vigorously denied any romantic involvement with each other, the rumors continued to circulate on the Internet. Speaking directly to the subject during her SNL monologue, she said, “I would say the craziest rumor I've seen is that while I was filming 'Anyone but You,' I was having an affair with my screen partner Glen Powell'. She continued: “This is obviously false. My fiancé and I produced the movie together and he was there during the entire shoot, and I just want everyone to know that he is the man of my dreams and that we are still together and stronger than ever. The Euphoria actress added: “He even came here tonight to support me, can we show that?” » As the cameras turned to show her fiancé, her romantic comedy partner appeared on screen, causing laughter from the audience. Sydney clarified that Powell is not her fiancé and that he is in her dressing room. What's next for Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell? While the highly anticipated film, Anyone But You, has received mixed reviews, the two lead actors' sizzling chemistry is all people are focusing on. Grossing $200 million at the worldwide box office on a modest production budget of just $25 million, the film sparked public interest in the romantic comedy genre. Even the actors themselves are excited to see what they can bring to the screen. In an interview with Variety, the Top Gun: Maverick star said: “When you find someone you get along really well with, Sydney is so easy to work with and so fun. We're definitely trying to find the next thing. Send us any scenarios you have. You know that's what we're here for. It's been really wonderful to read a lot. » Powell then complimented his co-star, adding: “She is the fastest reader I have ever met. He also shared how the duo “read everything” to find what might captivate the audience. Given that their on-screen chemistry made fans think about their real-life relationship, it's a testament to the talent of these actors. Anyone But You is available on VOD on Prime Video and Apple TV.

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