Pascale Arbillot “in danger of death”: this disease from which she suffers and which affects many women


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The pains we carry within ourselves are sometimes driving forces. A subject on which Pascale Arbillot spoke at length in the columns of “La Tribune Dimanche” this March 3, 2024. In the past when she was going through a delicate period, the actress discovered a terrible pathology which never stopped impact your daily life on many levels.

Pascale Arbillot “in danger of death”: this disease from which she suffers and which affects many women

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Thriving in theater or cinema, Pascale Arbillot stands out brilliantly for her versatility. At 53, the actress multiple projects for his greatest happiness. Currently showing the mini-series Plague launched this March 4, 2024 on the 2, the main interested party is making the rounds in the media to promote it. So the day before its broadcast, La Tribune Sunday wanted to highlight its news in its columns. The opportunity for the ex-partner of Bruno Chiche to evoke his sometimes strewn with pitfalls.

I was forced to work on myself to overcome some challenges. Psychological violence is everywhere, in any environment, said the actress who in her youth was “under the influence of a toxic person“.”When you're a teenager, you don't know the difference between love and a narcissist. From now on, Pascale Arbillot “detects narcissistic perverts from afar“.”Those who destroy you insidiously, who parasitize your life until you develop an illness that puts you in danger of death, said the latter.

I started to carry this guilt inside me

This pathology that Pascale Arbillot points out is called endometriosis. On a global scale, as reported by the World Health Organization, it affects “almost 10% of women and girls of childbearing age, or 190 million people. It was during hospitalization that the diagnosis was made. “I was 18 when I was told that I would not be able to have children.explained the star. Until this day, I had never felt this desire for motherhood unlike some friends who only talked about that (…).

Until then, babysitting had never been “a source of anxiety” for her. “I began to carry this guilt within me, this fear of being left by men, because I was unable to realize their desire to become a father.“, recognized Pascale Arbillot, who was nevertheless able to experience the joys of motherhood for the first time in 2005. “And then a miracle, my son (Jules editor’s note) has arrived“.

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