“Filmmakers who abused women…”: Macha Méril talks about François Truffaut

“You know, François Truffaut, so respected, is not exempt from the list of filmmakers who have abused women for not very honest purposes.” In the space of a long interview given to Le Parisien, Macha Méril returned to an icon of the New Wave…

Tongues are loosened at the time of courageous speeches by Judith Godreche. Through her brilliant, extremely caustic miniseries, her testimonies in the media, such as Le Monde, or her speech on February 23 during the César ceremony… As a reminder, the actress last month filed a complaint against Benoît JacquotFor “violent rape of a minor under 15 years of age committed by a person in authority“, while accusing another filmmaker, Jacques Doillonsexual assault.

For Télérama, by filing a complaint against Benoit Jacquot and Jacques Doillon, Judith Godrecheexposed the other side of a myth made sacred by auteur cinema: the muse and the pygmalion“. This “domination mechanics” is today addressed head-on by another actress: Macha Méril.

A pioneer of feminism, the one which was directed by Eric Rohmer, Roger Vadim, Jean-Luc Godard, took the liberty of approaching an icon of the New Wave… What do you know? François Truffaut. “Man who loved women”, filmmaker who immortalized with his eyes Jeanne Moreau, Catherine Deneuve, Fanny Ardant…

A figure too idealized by critics, the industry and actresses? Maybe, Macha Méril implies in Le Parisien : “You know, François Truffaut, so respected, is not exempt from the list of filmmakers who have abused women for not very honest purposes. He wasn't white blue“.

I don't want to make public what happened to me with him when I was a young actress. And defenseless…

“It has to stop !”

I had played in a film by Godard, with whom he had a bitter disagreement. He had to get the actress from her. These power plays have to stop. This means a profound revision of the relationships between directors and actresses. The filmmaker who falls in love is very troubled, but not abnormal“, continued the actress in the pages of Le Parisien.

And Macha Méril denounces: “There is an intimacy in cinema, even in the way a face is filmed. This is where you need to know how to keep your distance. The problem is not knowing the difference between creative fantasy and reality. We must give women the tools to defend themselves, and not promise them: If you do that, I will give you other roles. It's exploitation“.

Especially in the world of entertainment with these power relations, there was total impunity, frankly, and I assure you that all the actresses, including me, were bothered by producers, agents, directors. . They had to suffer from men. All women of my generation have experienced what is being told today. This seduction of adult males for a very young girl is so common

Words of violent lucidity, which strongly echo the words of Judith Godrèche. The feminist screening of an entire imagination of “author” filmmakers, of which the New Wave constitutes the root, necessarily encourages us to look at the works of Jean-Luc GodardFrançois Truffaut, Eric Rohmer

About the latter, the actress Marie Rivière (the heroine of the upsetting Green ray) recently cleared up again : “We cannot put all filmmakers in the same basket. Eric Rohmer was not a vampire eager for young girls. They showed women's souls, not their asses. All his actresses could defend him“.

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