“It shook us a lot”

Charlien Vanhoenacker on “C à Vous” on March 7, 2024.
Screenshot “C to You” Charlien Vanhoenacker on “C à Vous” on March 7, 2024.

Screenshot “C to You”

Charlien Vanhoenacker on “C à Vous” on March 7, 2024.

MEDIA – A little more than four months after the storm, Charline Vanhoenacker Take the speech. Guest on the set of the show C to you this Thursday March 7, the comedian from France Inter returned to the Netanyahu controversy which broke out last October.

“We, as comedians, embrace controversies, we observe them. And there we found ourselves in the middle of something that took on totally disproportionate proportions,” explained Charline Vanhoenacker, producer of the show Great Sunday evening.

A reference to Guillaume Meurice's column from October 29. While war between Israel and Hamas had just broken out, the comedian compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “a kind of Nazi without a foreskin”.

This outing earned him accusations of anti-Semitism, death threats and a warning from his management. The Belgian journalist had also received death threats. On November 19, she announced that she had been “putting to rest” by his doctor due to health concerns.

“Shocked” by the interrogations at the PJ

“We managed to overcome. It was still difficult. I think we came out of it stronger because we've known each other for ten years, we're friends, we're united. But it shook us a lot”, says Charline Vanhoenacker four months later. She also explains having “much debated within the team” in order to “ reassure listeners » on their intentions.

But what he liked the most “shocked”is that she and Guillaume Meurice were questioned by the judicial police. “And yet I suffered pressure from all sides between a management and a presidency very worried, and rightly so, about what was happening”recalls Charline Vanhoenacker.

She worries about having been “ questioned for 2 and a quarter hours at the judicial police for a joke” while she had made a series of jokes during the attack on Charlie Hebdo without ever having been singled out. And calls for vigilance by addressing the highest level of the State: “The procedure is worrying. Is the far right already in power? »

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