Alexandra Lamy “shot” at 15 by a painful remark: “What right do you have to say something like that?”


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Soon to appear in “La Promesse verte”, a film by Edouard Bergeon, Alexandra Lamy gave an interview to “Elle” magazine. She confided in this new role which has meaning for her but not only that. The actress returned to a remark she heard when she was younger which could have put her career in danger…

Alexandra Lamy “shot” at 15 by a painful remark: “What right do you have to say something like that?”

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Coming soon to the poster The Green Promisea film by Edouard Bergeon, Alexandra Lamy gave an interview to Elle magazine. “She has twenty-five years of a career as full as an egg behind her, more than forty films under her belt, around ten plays, projects like it was raining”, first recalls the magazine. And to report that when the 52-year-old actress talks about this latest project, “it is with the enthusiasm of a young first”:“We're getting crazy feedback! It's an eco-thriller, a David versus Goliath story, I love it! A mother ready to do anything to save her child, it's beautiful, isn't it?” notes Alexandra Lamy.

In Edouard Bergeon's feature film, Alexandra Lamy plays an English teacher confronted in spite of herself with the ravages of palm oil on Indonesian forests. Her son, played by Félix Moati, has embarrassing evidence, and is wrongly accused of drug trafficking… He then risks the death penalty and this is where his mother's fight begins. A beautiful role of which the actress is rather proud, especially when she thinks back to this friend of her mother's ENT who made her quite a confusing remark when she was just a teenager: “With your voice, you will never be able to do theater”, she told him as she was preparing to enter the conservatory. A criticism which, however, did not make the future actress give up, the extent of whose career we now know.

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Alexandra Lamy made no secret of being very impacted by these words: It blew me away. I cried all the tears in my body. What right do you have to throw something like that at a 15 year old girl living her dream? […] I never gave up, I'm half Cévennes, half Breton, that makes for some tough heads!”, she concluded with humor. As for his daughter, Chloe JouannetAlexandra Lamy warned her about the difficulty of launching into this profession when you come from an already known family: “From the beginning, I told him: 'Go for it! But remember that you have an advantage – as 'daughter of', we're going to want to meet you – and one downside – you'll only have one chance to prove yourself, not two'”, reported Audrey Lamy’s sister. On her status as a woman, on March 8, the actress is categorical: “I would never have wanted to be born a hundred years ago, help! A woman had one child a year, she remained locked up, without work, without money, without contraception, with the only right to keep her mouth shut. Today Today, things are moving on all fronts”. “As an actress, we have leading roles. As a woman, you can be politically engaged, militantwe can scream!”, concluded Jean Dujardin's ex with pride.

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