“Don’t get me involved in this”, he stops Ludivine Sagnier’s intervention on the #MeToo movement

This Saturday, March 9, actress Ludivine Sagnier and director Mathieu Kassovitz were the guests of “C à vous” on France 5. Mathieu Kassovitz, who has already spoken out in favor of the #MeToo movement, which recently shook up the industry of French cinema, refused to be taken to task by the actress when she testified about the ambiguity that can arise on film sets.

The film adaptation of Consent by Vanessa Springora has been successful. The story of the influence that the writer Gabriel Matzneff exercised over her when she was 14 was also suitable for theater a first time in 2022, performed with actress Ludivine Sagnier. From March 7 to April 6, 2024, she once again brings this adaptation to the stage. It was on this occasion that she was invited to the set of C to you (France 5), the day after International Women's Day.

“You say it: 'At the cinema, ambiguity, we live withbetween the desire that a director feels to film someone, and the desire for the actors to open up as much as possible, there is a risk taking'”, first recalled the journalist Aurélie Casse. Invited to speak about this ambiguity that can arise between directors and actresses, Ludivine Sagnier wanted to start including Mathieu Kassovitz, also guestin conversation: “The principle… I think that, Mathieu, you will not contradict me…” Before being immediately interrupted by the person concerned: “Oh, don't get involved in all that !”

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“A desire to film his actor”

Without insisting, the actress seen in the series Lupine (Netflix) then continued speaking about his own experiencee. “What I mean is that it’s normal for a director to want to film his actor. There is a desire, a fantasy, but it does not necessarily have to be sexual. This desire is present now, making it concrete…” she continues.

In 2022, Ludivine Sagnier had already testified to Nice morningsaying he crossed “predators” during his career. “It has evolved a lot, some of them are scared now. I saw this evolution in the cinema, in the theater”, she explained. A dazzling advance with the recent successive speeches of Judith Godrèche and other actresses.

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Mathieu Kassovitz supports the #MeToo movement

Also present on the set, Mathieu Kassovitz also spoke several times on the #MeToo of French cinema. At the beginning of March, on the show The Big Mouths on RMC, he explained having himself been a victim of sexual assault : “I had hands put on my ass… You don’t believe that, a man as cute as me, I didn’t have hands put on my ass throughout my youth? I put pies in my mouth, I talked“.

A few days earlier, the director of Hate strongly supported the speech of Judith Godrèche to the Caesars, accusing certain figures in the world of “turn their jacket around”. “That was French cinema, those were those people. And when you saw them married to a 14-year-old woman, no one yelled, everyone found it incrediblehyper-romantic”he castigated.

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