“Empted”, “devastated”: a Marseillais star announces that she has aggressive breast cancer and reveals her shaved head

News that shook up everything… On February 8, 2024, Éloïse Appelle learned that she had a breast cancer aggressive. On Instagram, it is in the caption of a series of photos where we can see her companion shaving her head that the young woman indicated: “Where do I begin to tell you about these last few weeks… It took me a little time before accepting the situation and being able to share with you how I feel! February 8, 2024, exactly one month after blowing my 26th candles, I am diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer…”

Still in shock, the one that was revealed in the Marseille in 2020 reported feeling “emptied” And “devastated”. “I was scared, but at the same time, I never felt as alive as in the last few weeks. I was living through my dreams, my projects and my goals, I had forgotten to enjoy the moment present then despite everything life and this cancer came to remind me the importance of the word: LIVE!she wrote.

Éloïse Appelle: “I have confidence in life and the universe”

If each chemotherapy is a feeling unpleasant and devastatingthe reality TV candidate wants to go through all this with a smile. “I have confidence in life and the universe, if I’m experiencing this today, there must be a good reason!”she assured.

“I especially wanted to thank you my love Anthony, without your support everything would be different, you know how to make me laugh, surprise me and find the right words when I need them! I will never forget your hand holding mine during this meeting where everything changedin that moment, I knew that whatever happened, we were together to get through this!”she added before asking her fans to take care of themselves and their loved ones.

Anthony Nacca: “Being angry? Why, at whom?”

On Instagram, Eloïse Appelle's companion also spoke. “Not to say it? It's impossible, because it will be seen! Talk about it? Fear of being judged! Despite everything, she didn't choose it. Today, it’s impossible for us to stay in silence any longer!”he indicated.

While his partner is already in her second session of chemotherapy, Anthony Nacca added: “Let me give you the details of the day we found ourselves in front of this oncologist to tell us this! It’s February 8, 2024, it was 8:00 a.m. and at that moment everything, but I mean everything goes through our heads, then questions arise (…) Being angry? Why, against whom? Smile ! This is what we decided to keep despite everything to fight this disease.”.

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