Delphine Wespiser reveals that the last few months have been trying in her personal life

Delphine Wespirer was recently Inès Vandamme's guest on her podcast With or without sugar ?. During this intimate exchange, Miss France 2012 revealed that she experienced extremely difficult times last year after meeting a person who caused her a lot of harm.

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The year 2023 has not been easy for Delphine Wespiser ! Miss France 2012 has had a busy professional life for several months now, between her place in Do not touch My TV and the presentation of two reality TV shows which have returned to the small screen: Love Island And Temptation Island which recently ended. However, if everything seems to be smiling for the ex-beauty queen in terms of her career, in terms of her private life, she has unfortunately had to face many difficulties. “2023 was full of pitfalls for me…”she recently revealed to Inès Vandammeprofessional dancer Dance with the starsin his podcast With or without sugar ?.

2023 was the hardest year for meDelphine Wespiser confides about her difficult year because of a bad encounter

Delphine Wespirer then revealed during this intimate interview that she had “can't wait to finish the 2023 book which was the hardest for me of [sa] life”. “Besides, I wrote a text that I wanted to put on the networks to explain my year 2023, but ultimately I decided not to do it and to keep it for myself. But 2023 was the hardest year for meshe confided to the dancer's microphone, and continued about a mysterious meeting which caused her enormous harm: “Not professionally, professionally it works, I’m really guided, it’s great. But personally it was very difficult… I met a person who hurt me a lot. And I managed to get out of all that. We learn !

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“I'm becoming myself again”despite this difficult episode, Delphine Wespiser regains her footing

For the moment, the presenter is not yet ready to give more information on this meeting which caused him a lot of harm, but it seems to have had a major impact on him. And that's not the only ordeal she had to face, since she recently lost her dog that she loved so much. “I also lost my dog. So it was extremely difficult. I lost my pillars. It wasn't easy at all”she admitted, and concluded with a touch of positivity about this bad patch: My friends didn't recognize me at all during 2023, no one recognized me. And today, 2024, I become myself again. I am very happy and very happy to see myself again, like a friend who we missed! I find myself again and it feels good.”

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