VIDEO. “I’m not her friend”, Catherine Ringer returns to her dodge of Emmanuel Macron during the abortion ceremony

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The web was amused by the “wind” put by Catherine Ringer on Emmanuel Macron during the ceremony for the inclusion of abortion in the Constitution on March 8. The singer returned to the incident on Wednesday, deeming the president's gesture inappropriate given the context.

The sequence made the rounds on social networks. Catherine Ringer returned Wednesday March 13 on this awkward moment between her and Emmanuel Macron on March 8. The singer made an impression during the ceremony of inscription of abortion in the Constitution where she performed a reimagined version of the Marseillaise for the occasion.

But apart from his interpretation, it was an interaction with Emmanuel Macron that caused a lot of talk. As the artist leaves the stage, she is stopped by the head of state who first shakes her hand, then tries to come closer for a hug. The singer then walks away and turns her back on the president, visibly uncomfortable with the idea of ​​an embrace.

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VIDEO. “A monumental wind”: the handshake between Catherine Ringer and Emmanuel Macron causes unease on social networks

Social networks were then amused by the “wind” put by Catherine Ringer on Emmanuel Macron. Guest of franceinfo Wednesday March 13, the singer of Rita Mitsouko returned to this slight incident. “The kiss was poorly placed,” she said, explaining that the “solemn” situation of the event did not lend itself to such a gesture: “I was extremely honored that he invited me. Delighted to know that he insisted. But it was something solemn and serious.”

“It was for him, for his com”

Catherine Ringer also describes a situation of misunderstanding that occurred at that time. “He first gave me an old-fashioned hand kiss. I tried to give him one again, it wasn’t possible, so it gave me a little greeting,” she says. “Afterwards when he said to me, ‘Let’s kiss each other’, no. I didn’t think it was okay for the president to kiss me,” continues the artist. “I’m not his friend. He’s not more. I myself don't particularly like kissing all the time.”

? The artist Catherine Ringer returns to her avoidance of Emmanuel Macron during the ceremony to seal abortion in the Constitution, on March 8.

— franceinfo (@franceinfo) March 13, 2024

She explains that she saw in the gesture of the Head of State “an expression of cronyism which was not fair”: “Finally, at that moment, it was for him, for his com' (communication, editor's note) , say ‘I’m friends with the artists’. But no,” she concludes. The sequence has therefore not yet finished generating reactions.

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