Confrontations, SMS, trip to Morocco… What Stéphane Plaza said while in police custody

After more than 24 hours of interrogation, Stéphane Plaza was still in police custody this Wednesday March 13 at the end of the afternoon. He was confronted by two complainants and put in difficulty by numerous messages.

Heard since Tuesday March 12 in the afternoon, Stéphane Plaza spent the night, then the day of Wednesday at the central police station in Paris. The host is accused of physical and psychological violence by three former companions. He completely refutes these accusations.

• A exhausted Stéphane Plaza

During the day on Wednesday, France's best-known real estate agent first saw a psychologist and was subjected to a drug test, which was negative. Then, he was confronted by two complainants: Jade* in the morning and Eva* in the afternoon.

The first, who explained that she had started a relationship with him in 2017, had denounced a crisis in April 2022. Stéphane Plaza allegedly assaulted her, breaking her finger and dislocating two others. Still according to his account, he would have pressed her against a wall by placing an arm under her throat.

The second complainant claims to have been bitten twice, outside of any particular context and to have suffered acts of “moral harassment”.

Stéphane Plaza accused: the two faces of the French's favorite host
Stéphane Plaza accused: the two faces of the French's favorite host

According to a source close to the case, Stéphane Plaza appeared exhausted from the night spent in police custody. His responses, especially during confrontations, were monosyllabic. He was as if defeated.

• Disputed facts

Throughout his detention, Stéphane Plaza continued to contest the facts with which he is accused. He denied having been violent with his ex-partners. He also maintained that he was the target of a revenge operation by ex-partners.

His lawyers notably produced several documents showing false profiles on social networks intended to harm him.

About the hand injury inflicted on one of his companions, Jade*, the flagship host of M6, pleaded the accident theory, BFMTV learned from sources close to the matter. According to him, she blocked his way during an argument and he grabbed her hand to free himself.

• Text messages and a trip to Morocco

Investigators also questioned him at length about the text messages exchanged with the complainants after the events. There are dozens of them. Some – most – get him in trouble. For example: “What am I going to do next time? Box you?” recognizing that he has gone too far. Or another: “How did I wait 51 years to be violent?”

An SMS sent by Jade*, and put forward by her lawyers, however goes in the direction of the host. In this exchange, she says that she knows well that he “didn't do it on purpose” to break her finger. The investigations therefore focused on these elements.

Another element of the case which interests investigators: a trip made to Morocco for the purposes of her work and in which Jade* participated. She assures that during this trip, he proposed it, in a heavy and humorous way, to various important people. Which particularly bothered the young woman.

According to our information, Stéphane Plaza categorically denied this fact. But it is nevertheless corroborated by two witnesses who participated in the trip.

• What happens after police custody?

At the end of the facilitator's custody, three options are available to the prosecution. The first: he is released without prosecution at this stage.

The second, the referral before a magistrate. He would either be summoned to stand trial and, possibly, placed under judicial supervision with a ban on contact with the complainants or summoned for an appearance upon prior admission of guilt in the event that he admits the alleged facts.

The third option consists of opening a judicial investigation so that investigations can continue given the complexity of the case.

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