Michel Sardou has announced his retirement, except in the case of collaboration with Olivier Marchal, here is the response from the French actor

By announcing his retirement, Michel Sardou still left an open door for Olivier Marchal, if he offered him a collaboration. The French cinema man answers him.

In an interview given to Parisian, Michel Sardou said he wanted to finally take his real retirement. The singer and actor took the opportunity to announce a radical change: he will settle in the “Noon”. If his career seems to be over, Michel Sardou has left a final door open for a possible collaboration in cinema with Olivier Marchal. The former police officer turned actor responded to him on BFMTV.

It's a yes

His response was direct and very clear. “Obviously I would be delighted. Michel is an immense artist who rocked my entire adolescence. I took my first big hit at the high school dance on 'La Maladie d'amour'”he said in a video.

Olivier Marchal continued with several praises of the 77-year-old singer. “It will be with pleasure. I will think about it. It will be an honor to have one of these four in front of my camera. You know, we missed each other, I had a film project on the rise of banditry between 43 and 47, I had a nice role for you unfortunately the film was not made because of the budget”he explained.

The “Lakes of Connemara” singer has already had several roles and has made nearly half a dozen appearances in films such as Is Paris burning? in 1966 or even Sofa promotion in 1990, details the news channel.

“I’m finally going to breathe.”

After La Défense Arena in Paris but also Clermont-Ferrand and Brest this weekend, it will be over for Michel Sardou. If some doubt that this is really the end, because he had already once promised to stop, the French singer confirms the news. “Yes, this time I’m sticking to it.”he told the Parisian.

The interpreter of “Lacs du Connemara” indicates, however, that he will not have any pangs of sadness during the last concert, he is even happy about it. “I'm finally going to breathe. This tour is long and tiring. I'm 77 years old!”he indicates. “Song and theater are over. Seriously. March 30, I'm on vacation, retired”continues Michel Sardou.

The opportunity for him to make a new start, and not the least. The French singer and actor should leave the French capital and head to the south of France. “I sold everything, Paris, Normandy. I’m going to the South. My wife is already there”he explains to our colleagues at Parisian.

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