“I was never his friend”

LFI deputy Louis Boyard, on March 14, 2024, responds to host Cyril Hanouna.
Screenshot X/Louis Boyard LFI deputy Louis Boyard, on March 14, 2024, responds to host Cyril Hanouna.

Screenshot X/Louis Boyard

LFI deputy Louis Boyard, on March 14, 2024, responds to host Cyril Hanouna.

CULTURE – Clash and counter-clash. Through microphones, the host Cyril Hanouna and the LFI deputy Louis Boyard settled their scores this Thursday, March 14, almost a year and a half after their severe altercation on the set of Do not touch My TV in November 2022.

Heard by the parliamentary commission of inquiry for the allocation of TV frequencies this Thursday, Cyril Hanouna returned to this dispute which occurred live on the set of his show TPMP. “I regret my comments, but when I saw Louis Boyard, I did not see a deputy, I saw a friend, who betrayed me, live “, he declared in front of the deputies and senators. He also considered having allowed the election of the deputy thanks to the visibility that the latter had in the program.

L’Insoumis did not appreciate the comments. “He notably said: “It’s thanks to me if Boyard was elected deputy”. I was very surprised! I thought he lived in the nice neighborhoods of Boulogne-Billancourt, and not in the 3rd constituency of Val-de-Marne”tackled the elected official during a conference with Jean-Luc Mélenchon Thursday evening.

He didn't stop there. “I also heard him say “it was I who launched Louis Boyard””, he continued. He defended himself, recalling that he got involved when he was 17. “But the parallel is interesting to see how Cyril Hanouna started his career, because he is a middle-class son who started his television career by blowing in the ass of a dog,” Louis Boyard then clashed.

“My friends don’t shake hands with the far right”

A reference to a TV sequence dating from 2002, in which Cyril Hanouna actually blows into the anus of a bulldog. “I’m going to do a little trumpet tune”, then announced the hilarious host. The sequence was unearthed by rapper Booba last October and sparked controversy.

In front of hundreds of students who cheered his words, Louis Boyard continued to attack Cyril Hanouna: “He says we used to be friends. It's embarassing. I was never his friend. My friends, they are not afraid to denounce the looting of Bolloré in Africa. My friends don't shake hands with the extreme right. My friends are not show business hypocrites. »

On the chapter of Cyril Hanouna, Louis Boyard ends by judging “really sad that a show like Do not touch My TV, which refers to an anti-racist slogan which is “don’t touch my friend”, has become a transmission belt for the most racist of French billionaires”.

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