Meghan Markle indelicate: she's making her big comeback on Instagram, and the timing couldn't be worse

A criticized timing. This Thursday March 14, 2024, Prince William attended the Diana Legacy Awards at the Science Museum during the awards ceremony in honor of his mother, Lady Diana. The Prince of Wales thus paid tribute to his mother. At the same time, his brother Prince Harry also participated in the event.

But it was from home, by videoconference, that he was able to speak, once Prince William had left the event. At the same time, it was Meghan Markle who made headlines. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex has made her comeback on Instagram. She announced the creation of a new businessat the same time as a new Instagram account, called American Riviera Orchard.

Meghan Markle chooses the wrong time for her new project

There you can find the link to a website which sells items for the home, garden and even food. “She’s been working on this for over a year and these are all the things that are close to her heart – all the things that she’s passionate about,” launched a source. But for royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams, Meghan's brand launch wasn't “not a coincidence”. “The announcement is completely consistent with the timing of all Sussex announcements. Nothing is ever accidental”.

The choice to have announced it on the same day as Prince William's presence at the Science Museum is therefore calculated. VS'“is an example of why the rift between [le prince William et Harry] looks like a Greek tragedy. They don't communicate with each other.”

Prince William's moving tribute

However, Prince William paid a moving tribute to his mother. He clarified that Lady Diana had instilled in him that “Everyone in need deserves a helping hand in life.” “This legacy is something that Catherine and I have sought to focus on through our work, as have the 50,000 young people who have received a Diana Award over the last 25 years”.

A very moving testimony from Kate Middleton's husband.I am so proud to see this belief of my mother manifest in extraordinary young people.” After the awards ceremony, William met the winners and told them: “I'm amazed at the breadth of what you cover. I’m so blown away by everything you do, because you do it alongside your studies, your life, your family, everything else.”

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