Lorie Pester: “At the last moment…”, she explains her absence from Enfoirés 2024

In Revivre*, the singer and actress speaks candidly about her fight against endometriosis. A testimony that is both strong and intimate. She is also the voice of Tinker Bell in Tinker Bell and the Legendary Creature to be seen Friday March 22 at 5:30 p.m. on Disney Channel.

Why was writing this book necessary for you?

LORIE PESTER: It was necessary to write it for others. It made me feel good to tell myself that, perhaps, I would help women who were in my situation. I dedicate it to all women because we each have different struggles. For me, it was endometriosis, hysterectomy (removal of the uterus, editor’s note), PMA. For others, it is breast or ovarian cancer.

What particular message do you want to convey through your testimony?

It’s a form of diary, and I also wanted to write it like a novel. Detail the places, my feelings, the smells, so that we can identify, so that the reader realizes what I was experiencing. I want to tell women that you have to listen to yourself, believe in yourself and your feelings. I also want to tell them that you should not be afraid of this operation if you are sure that you no longer want children. Just because you no longer have a uterus doesn't mean you'll feel less of a woman.

How did your partner support you throughout this obstacle course?

Really very good ! I was very lucky to have a partner like him. He was present physically and morally. It's important to have someone who listens to us, understands us and on whom we can lean when we are faced with pain.

You say that your operation was revealed in a celebrity magazine. What was your reaction ?

I never thought they would do such a thing. I was leaving the hospital, I was doubled over, my mother was helping me to walk… and I see these photos coming out. At that time, I was not ready to announce it to the media and the public. That they talked about it before me? It was a big slap in the face.

How are you today, almost three years after the operation?

I found a life that I had forgotten. I lived with pain so much, it had become my roommate. No longer suffering from morning until evening, being able to be 100% with my daughter, going on a shoot without fear of passing out, it's great.

How is your daughter, Nina, growing up?

She is in the first year of kindergarten. It's a ball of energy. But my mother tells me that dogs don't make cats! She's so funny, she has lots of things to tell, lots of desires. She runs all the time, she jumps, she dances. I make the most of her.

Building a family was the only thing you missed a few years ago. Do you still have dreams?

Oh yes, I have plenty. Starting a family was the best part. Today, I opened the door to realization. I would like to continue, to go further. I followed training at the INA, I will soon do another. I directed and produced the singer's latest music video Eloïz, No more room for your pain.The projects are coming slowly, it’s cool.

You have a total of 21 participations in Bastards, but we didn't see you there this year. For what ?

I was at rehearsals and costume fittings, but at the last minute, I couldn't attend for personal reasons. Next year I will be there!

*ed. Robert Laffont

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