This actor she's been snubbing for years (and it's not Samy Naceri)

Before becoming an international star, Marion Cotillard filmed in “a crap” with a famous French actor, according to the latter's words. But since then, the actress has no longer had contact with him…

Bernard Farcywho portrayed the unforgettable Commissioner Gibert in the saga Taxihas met Marion Cotillard on the set of the first part of the cult film in 1998. But a year later, the two actors filmed together again for “a stew” according to the words (cash) of the actor. He spoke about his relationship with the famous Oscar-winning actress, on the set of Jordan De Luxe, this March 12.

Bernard Farcy made a “shit” with Marion Cotillard

Guest on the set of At Jordan'sBernard Farcy was asked about the talented Marion Cotillard who was crowned with the Oscar for best actress for her role in The kid in 2008. It must be said that the actor knew the young woman in her early days. In addition to having starred in the saga Taxi alongside her, he shared the poster of a short film with her in 1999, entitled The call of the cellar.

But Bernard Farcy does not have such pleasant memories of it! “We made a short film in Switzerland. It was rubbish! Well, she had nothing to do with it, but it was fun to do that“, he explained.

Bernard Farcy, snubbed by Marion Cotillard?

Despite these several collaborations, the actor has not kept in touch with the wife of Guillaume Canet. “I didn't have a scene with her on Taxi (…) I haven't seen her since. I don't have his phone number“, he assured, visibly without rancor.

Bernard Farcy was also full of praise for the woman who performed Edith Piaf In The kid and later toured with Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception as well as with Brad Pitt in Allies. “She has deep talent. She became an international star because she made The kidshe was great, she followed up with great films and great actors and suddenly, that gave her status.“, detailed the 75-year-old actor. However, according to him, success has “escaped : “She didn't anticipate that she would have this path.”

Does Bernard Farcy regret having appeared in Taxi 5? “Uncomfortable”

Screenshot – Chez Jordan © Bernard Farcy

As for Bernard Farcy, who reprized his role in Taxi 5 in 2018, directed by Franck Gastambide, he regrets having participated in the project. “It wasn't the same family I had experienced before. I didn't feel comfortableI didn't feel in the same group, in the same atmosphere“, he assured.

The actor does not wish to repeat the experience if it were offered to him… unless he was filming again with the original cast! “If I'm offered another 'Taxi' with Sami and Diefenthal, and the group we had, then it would be 'Gilbert at the hospice', 'Taxi in EHPAD', but yes! I go to the side where I feel good. I think those who played in 'Taxi 5' felt very good with Gastambide. He has nothing to do with it, it's not against him, but he's not my family anymore“, he clarified.

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