“Impossible to promote it”: Guillaume Canet distances himself from “Belle”, the next film by Benoît Jacquot

We will not see him talking about the film on television sets. In an interview given to the “Tribune du Dimanche”, Guillaume Canet dissociated himself with the film “Belle” in which he shared the poster with Charlotte Gainsbourg. The feature film is directed by Benoît Jacquot, accused by Judith Godrèche of control and rape when she was a teenager. “HAS“Today there is no planned release date” confided the actor. “I had a lot of fun filming with Charlotte Gainsbourg (…). But given the situation, it seems very complicated to me to ensure its promotion. For the moment, the question does not even arise“, he added.

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“It would be a way of giving support”

Words that he reiterated at the microphone of BFMTVensuring that would be even “impossible to go and promote“.”It's complicated to promote a film with what happened, with what was told, with all that. So, no, that would be a way of endorsing, of validating something that I don't want” he explained, before supporting the #MeToo movement, which since 2017 has allowed victims of sexual violence to speak out. “I think that it is a movement that is more than necessary, that we must support and encourage“, believes the filmmaker who reminds us that cinema is not the only sector concerned.”I think it's been a very long time, but not only in cinema. There are plenty of other professional sectors (…) There has been unacceptable behavior with veils placed over it.

Adapted from a novel by Georges Simenon, “Belle” tells the story of a couple, Pierre and Léa, whose lives will be turned upside down when Pierre is accused of the death of a friend's daughter. For the moment, the film does not have a theatrical release date, and could perhaps meet the same fate as “CE2”, directed by Jacques Doillon, implicated by several actresses for sexual violence, including Juliette Godrèche. In view of the accusations against him, its lead actress Nora Hamzawi opposed the production's decision to release the film in theaters on the scheduled date, March 27. Finally at the end of February, the release of the feature film was postponed until further notice.

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New figure of the #MeToo movement in French cinema, Judith Godrèche filed a complaint at the beginning of February against Benoît Jacquot and Jacques Doillon for “rape of a minor“. Actress and director also delivered a poignant speech during the 2024 César Awards at the Olympia denouncing “impunity, denial and privilege“of French cinema. Heard on Thursday March 14 at the National Assembly by the children's rights delegation, she requested the creation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry into labor law in the world of cinema and “risks for children“. A request that she had already made during a first hearing in the Senate on February 29.

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