“A little problem with…”: Wind of panic during a Star Academy 2023 bonus, a teacher balances

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One of the teachers of the “Star Academy 2023” was the guest of “Chez Jordan”, this Wednesday March 20, 2024. And she made a revelation about a mishap experienced by one of her colleagues during a live broadcast.

Cécile Chaduteau weighs in on an unexpected event from a “Star Academy” bonus, in “Chez Jordan”, on C8 © C8

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On November 4, 2023, TF1 kicked off season 11 of the star Academy. Viewers thus discovered for the first time the 13 candidates in competition. Everyone took their first steps on set by performing a song of their choice in front of this year's teachers, including Cécile Chaduteau who succeeded Laure Balon as stage expression teacher. Very quickly, the charming blonde became very popular and continues to be very popular with the public. Her fans must therefore have been delighted to discover her in At Jordan's (C8), this Wednesday March 20, 2024. After revealing theidentity of the father of his daughtershe recounted the mishap experienced by one of her colleagues at the Star Ac.

The casting changes, but the rules remain the same. Throughout the week, the students of the famous tele-hook take different courses in order to improve their skills. Singing (with Adeline Toniutti), dance (with Malika Benjelloun), theater (with Pierre de Brauer), sport (with Coach Joe) and stage expression (with Cécile Chaduteau), everything is done so that they become complete artists. THE winner Pierre GarnierLénie, Héléna and Julien were also able to count on Lucie Bernardoni and Marlène Schaff to rehearse them for the live broadcasts, presented by Nikos Aliagas.

Cécile Chaduteau panicked for Adeline Toniutti

And as with all bounties, unexpected events can happen. One of them actually made Cécile Chaduteau panic, as she confided during her appearance in At Jordan's. “We had a little problem with one of the teachers. We have commercial breaks during which we can go and do whatever we want. We go to the bathroom sometimes. And there is a dress that broke. Except that it has to be sewn back on and it takes longer than advertised. Which means thatwe come back to the pub and we are missing a teacher. It was Adelinethat we adore and embrace“, she confided.

Michaël Goldman, Malika Benjelloun, Pierre de Brauer and Cécile Chaduteau were therefore without Adeline Toniutti to continue the show. A situation which greatly worried the stage expression teacher. “She arrived in a hurry. It started without her. But there was no problem, because it didn't last an hour either. But there is a little panic at one point. We didn't know what happened. We wondered where she was. I told myself that something serious had happened“, she concluded. Fortunately, nothing serious and the rest of the prime went off without a hitch.

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