Sophie Marceau explains how Gérard Depardieu “humiliated” her on the set of Police

In the columns of the magazine VogueSophie Marceau testified about the ordeal that Gérard Depardieu put her through on the set of Police by Maurice Pialat.

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The actresses' speech is freed, as recently proven by the example of Judith Godrèche who denounced the influence that the director Benoit Jacquot had on her or the attack of which she was the victim at the hands of Jacques Doillon. For several years, Gérard Depardieu has been the subject of complaints for sexual assault and rape. Several women delivered chilling testimonies about his behavior towards them. Sophie Marceau had confided to what extent the filming of the film Police by Maurice Pialat had been an ordeal for her.He never dared to touch me in front of the team, otherwise he would have been punched in the face. But with the poor dressers…“, she said. Interviewed by the magazine Voguethe French favorite actress once again returned to the actor's inappropriate behavior during this filming, which forever disgusted her from playing with him.

“At the time no one listened to me!” denounces Sophie Marceau

As the magazine reminds us, the ex-partner of Polish director Andrzej Żuławski was the first to denounce the abuse of the sacred monster of French cinema. “But at the time they didn't listen to me! I was the little devil, 'the big bitch' like Maurice Pialat and Gérard Depardieu said it nicely on TV. And it didn’t shock anyone!“, she protests. Her comments almost had dramatic consequences on her career. “A lot of directors later told me that, at the time, they thought they would never film with me. The agreed word was to say : 'How she treats her director..'I have not been blacklisted but I believe that many have been cooled, she notices. If the filming was painful for her, she nevertheless clears Maurice Pialat, the director. “He respected me, he didn't do anything reprehensible. Creating chaos was his way of filming. He didn't like things that were happening, as soon as the filming took on a professional appearance, that's it. 'annoyed. But he never gave me a bad remark about my game…”, she assures.

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“Everyone was playing their game,” assures the actress

After filming with the actor in Fort SaganneSophie Marceau thought she could count on Gérard Depardieu, but she was quickly disillusioned. “But he turned into Mister Hyde on Police. It was about who would cause the greatest chaos. He was very badly brought up, badly polite. He didn't rape me or hit me, but he made very inappropriate gestures. It was nothing but provocation, humiliation, a seizure of power. And all this under the pretext of laughing…“, she says. “Afterwards, I no longer wanted to tour with him. Never. I found that he went beyond his limits but that the others who let him go beyond them too. Everyone was playing their game.”, she adds.

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