Inès Reg allegedly threatened to kill Natasha Saint-Pier behind the scenes of DALS

According to our colleagues from Le Parisien, all would not be rosy behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars: the atmosphere would even be deleterious. In fact, the comedian Inès Reg is said to have threatened to kill Canadian singer and presenter Natasha Saint-Pier. An altercation reportedly broke out between the two women, quickly degenerating. We take stock.

death threats, handrail… things get out of hand between Inès Reg and Natasha Saint-Pier

Going crazy after the incredible evening of Dancing with the Internet Stars, Internet users will cringe when they learn what is going on behind the scenes. The information comes to us from our colleagues at Le Parisien, following the revelations of journalist Clément Garin: off-screen, the tone rose very (too) high between Inès Reg and Natasha Saint-Pier. A few days before the recording of the first prime of the season, the comedian would have attacked the singer during rehearsals. According to them, it was within the Keral de Malakoff studios, in the Paris suburbs, that the altercation took place. Natasha Saint-Pier rehearsed there with her dancer Anthony Colette, and Inès Reg with her partner Christophe Licata. The comedian allegedly came to see the singer in her rehearsal room to ask her to lower the volume of the musicjudging it too strong.

And again, if it was only with Keiona.

According to my exclusive information, a violent altercation also broke out between Inès Reg and Natasha St-Pier last week.

The reason ? The comedian did not accept a joke that the singer made him (the height for a…

March 16, 2024

Believing it was a joke, Natasha Saint-Pier would have responded with humor, which the other candidate would not have appreciated at all. The tone would then have risen between the two women, and Inès Reg even made death threats against her interlocutor! Following this incident, the singer allegedly left a handrail at a police station. As for production, it would have separated for a few days the two candidates by having them rehearsed in different premises. None of the parties concerned wished to react to the revelations of Le Parisien, but this Thursday, Natasha Saint-Pier shared a video of her dancing with Inès Reg and Keiona in her Instagram story.

story Natasha Saint-Pier

After the attacks on his weight endured by Nico Capone during the announcement of the casting of Dancing with the Starsthis new incident marks an eventful season.

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