“He was exonerated, but…” Marie-Hélène Lentini (What have we all done to the good god) looks back on the Ary Abittan affair which disrupted the promotion of the film

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Guest of At Jordan'sthe actress Marie-Hélène Lentini returned to the events which had impacted the promotion of the last part of What have we done to the good Lord?released in spring 2022, including the Ary Arbittan affair.

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Initially expected in cinemas on October 13, 2021, the comedy What have we all done to the Good Lord? was postponed again due to the scandal surrounding Ary Abittan. Remember, the actor was indicted and placed under judicial supervision following a complaint filed by a young woman aged 23, whom they had been dating for two months at the time of the alleged facts. The latter then accused him of having imposed sodomy on her while she spent the evening at the actor's home in Paris. But this affair was not the only event to have marked the promotion of the third and final part of What have we done to the Good Lord?.

Promotion What have we all done to the Good Lord? impacted by the Ary Abittan affair

Guest of At Jordan'sMarie-Hélène Lentini agreed to return to the complicated promotion of What have we all done to the Good Lord? in the middle of the Ary Abittan affair. After clarifying that she did not know him “not good”the actress confirmed that there had been no previews “festive” unlike what happened with the two previous feature films. Marie-Hélène Lentini then recalled that the promotion of the film was also marked by the tragic death of three members of the film crewbefore briefly returning to Ary Abittan. “He was exonerated. But the problem is that we heard a lot about it when he was presumed guilty, but when things are going well and he is exonerated, no one talks about it. And now he must manage”she regretted.

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Ary Abittan is no longer indicted for rape

After granting him the status of assisted witness, two investigating judges finally closed the rape investigation which targeted the 50-year-old actor. “At the end of a judicial investigation lasting almost two years, justice considered that the elements of the investigation file no longer justified the indictment of Ary Abittan”, reacted the actor's lawyer. If Ary Abittan had never spoken on social networks throughout the duration of the affair, he had finally broken the silence announcing his return to the stage. “I never stopped writing. So excited to see you again for my new show. I miss you so much that words struggle to express”we could read on his Instagram account.

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