“I didn't fill in any boxes, I'm 35 years old…”: Caroline Receveur affected by cancer, she explains what could be at the origin

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Saturday March 23, 2024, Léa Salamé, assisted by Christophe Dechavanne, received several famous women on the set of “Quelle époque!”. Lara Fabian, Christine Angot, Natacha Polony but also Caroline Receveur responded favorably to the invitation from France 2. The latter returned to her breast cancer and discussed what could be at the origin of her illness.

Caroline Receveur was Léa Salamé's guest in Quelle époque! on France 2. The young woman spoke with emotion about her breast cancer. © France 2, What an era!

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Saturday March 23, 2024, Léa Salame was back on France 2 for a new, original issue of What an era!. On this occasion, Raphaël Glucksmann's partner received some beautiful people. Belgian-Canadian singer Lara Fabianthe writer Christine Angot, the journalist Natacha Polony and the influencer and businesswoman Caroline Receveur. The latter came to talk about her cancer and the fight that she initially chose to wage in secret against the disease. She had never before agreed to talk about it on a television show…

It was in July 2023 that the mother of Marlon revealed to his six million fans that he had aggressive breast cancer. She notably underwent a mastectomy last November. and continued to keep his subscribers informed of his progress towards recovery. The one who is now following immunotherapy also said more to Léa Salamé about the discovery of her cancer and what she thinks is at the origin of her illness.

“There would be a lot to say about all this but I wasn't surprised. I didn't experience it as a punishment or a sledgehammer.. I was very lucid”, she began by explaining. And the former reality TV candidate continues: “We talk about an idyllic life, but an idyllic life on paper so I have a very beautiful life, it's true. I am very well surrounded, I am in a bubble of love every day but I also had a lot of 'anxieties, fears, fears, and automatically, there is a part of me which said to me: 'Well that's it, we're there'”. Caroline Receveur then clarified that she was not fulfilling “no box” which could have predisposed her to becoming ill at such a young age. I'm 35 years old, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I'm sporty, I have no family history, I know it was stress that ate me awayassured the wife of Hugo Philip.

Talk to no longer face the illness alone

“The statistics are no longer up to date… that's what we need to review…”, she then regretted. And Kate Middleton's cancer, at only 42 years old, is proof of this according to the business manager. She also wanted to react to the announcement of the illness of Prince William's wife, last Friday March 22on the set of What an era!. Léa Salamé asked her if she found that it was finally a good thing that the Princess of Wales finally spoke about her illness after months of silence since her abdominal operation last January. For Caroline Receveurwithout a doubt. “I think it's liberating, I think we need to be surrounded, to be loved, supported… For me, in any case, the fact of talking about it revived something in me. 'allowed us to receive a huge wave of love', confided the mother. Then to conclude: “I, who am very sensitive to energies, I felt this wave and it carried me and for that, it is important to talk about it, to feel all this love.”

Natacha Polony was also of the same opinion, as she made clear. “I find it absolutely extraordinary to have people today who have the courage to talk about it because I have always been struck by the fact that we live in a society which eliminates the risk of death”, she began her argument. The editorial director of Marianne then remembered that for years there was a sort of “shame” to talk about his illness. She admitted to now feeling relieved by this freedom of speech on this subject.

And to address Caroline Receveur: “It does us good to reintegrate this risk because we see to what extent, and you say it, it has transformed you, it gives intensity to what you are experiencing and I think that all the love that you what you have for your son will be all the stronger the more you realize that it is eminently precious and I think that it is something that we can all share.” “There is something in this simplicity, this sincerity that inspires me… You brought in a group of very inspiring women this evening, very strong,” concluded Lara Fabian in style.

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