Isabelle Mergault talks about her meeting with Lorie when she was a “very flirtatious little girl”

This Saturday, March 23, Lorie and Isabelle Mergault are both invited in C The weekly on France 5. The opportunity for the two women to confide in their very surprising commonality. In fact, the 65-year-old actress has known the singer since she was very little!

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After presenting C to you all week on France 5, Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine gives way to Aurélie Cassecolumnist for a time on her talk show – takes orderse C The weekly, the weekend version of the program. This Saturday, March 23, the host received Lorie, to talk about her 20-year career and of her decision to have a hysterectomybut also Isabelle Mergault. Before talking about his current affairs marked by his presence in the theater alongside Jean-Luc Reichmann in the play Le bracelet, the 65-year-old actress made an unexpected revelation about her relationship with Lorie. Indeed, the two artists knew each other well… and had done so for a very long time!

Isabelle Mergault met Lorie when she was a “very pretty little girl

Before Lorie was known, when she was still a little girl, she went to the work of her father, Dominique Pester, whenever she could. The latter was a programmer on RTL for a long time, at the same time as Isabelle Mergault joined the radio station to join the Grosses Têtes team. “It's the first face I saw before facing my first Big Headss”. And at that time, Lorie, born in 1982, was just a “very pretty little girl“, as the actress explains.

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The little girl that Lorie was at that time remembers everything!

A memory that dates back Lorie remembers perfectly well. “When I had good grades, I was allowed to come to dad’s work. There was Les Grosses Têtes, Studio 22 where there were singers… I remember very well!“, says the interpreter of Near me. However, there is no question of her staying close to the Grosses Têtes studio: “There were some slightly dirty jokes so I was mostly in the office, but I saw all the artists arriving“. Sitting next to her, Isabelle Mergault is touched that Lorie remembers all that, despite her young age at the time.I remember you very well! I can't help but speak to you on familiar terms, I saw you when you were little!she declared to the singer who had “six or seven years” at this moment.

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