Natasha St-Pier responds after Inès Reg's “serious” accusations

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The rag burns between Inès Reg and Natasha St Pier. After rumors started by The Parisian reportinga heated altercation between the two artists behind the scenes of “Dance with the stars”, with even death threats, the comedian wanted to react in a long series of videos published on his Instagram account. According to Inès Reg, Natasha St-Pier would have insulted her after she asked him to turn down the volume while they rehearsed their routines in side-by-side studios. “ “Listen to me carefully, you little slut…” » the Canadian singer would have said to her, before taking her out of the dance room: “ The only thing I told myself was, “Don’t cry, don’t show, don’t tell.” (…) She takes my arm and says “And now you’re going out”. It hurt me so much “. A very violent sequence for the new juror of “Mask Singer”: “ There was no threat, there was nothing, from everything I saw, from everything that was being thrown at me. You are crazy! This scene is filmed! “.

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“Gladly stories”

After negotiations with production and three days of exclusion inflicted on Natasha St-Pier, the two women talked and everything was back to normal. Except that upon learning that the singer and her dancer Anthony Colette filed charges against her, Inès Reg broke her silence on Instagram in order to denounce the wave of hatred against her. By explaining behind the scenes of this quarrel, the comedian has visibly added fuel to the fire. Indeed, Natasha St-Pier takes her turn to speak on her Instagram account. “ From the beginning, I have remained silent because I am not a controversial person and because I have too much respect for the incredible candidates, the dancers, the production of the show, all the technicians, the intermittent workers… They give their all to make “Dancing with the Stars” a moment of joy » indicates the interpreter of “To die tomorrow”, disappointed by the situation.

I have too much respect for the public, for the viewers because our job as artists is to transmit positive vibes, it's to entertain you, and it's not to get bogged down in stories murky and controversies » adds Natasha St-Pier, who was visibly shocked by the comedian's statements: “ This morning, I read with regret and great pain the stories of Inès Reg “. Thus, the singer now wants to respond publicly. “ Given the seriousness of the accusations that are made, given the inaccuracy, the omissions, even the untruths that are said, I will have to respond to them, it is heartbreaking to have to do so, because it is the last thing I wanted. But I have no choice given the scale of this story and the extremely serious accusations that are being made. » continues Natasha St-Pier, who will unpack all her truth this evening: “ I'll see you on my Instagram around 9 p.m. “. To be continued !

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