Vahina Giocante denounces the behavior of Benoît Jacquot on the set of the film No scandal

In the show Seven to eight this Sunday, March 24, Vahina Giocante spoke about her collaboration with Benoît Jacquot. A traumatic period because of this man whose behavior she denounces.

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The word is freed for Vahina Giocante. With the release of his book Open bodywhich will be released on March 28, the actress opens up about moving parts of her life. Victim of incest at the hands of her fathershe confided in Seven to eight this Sunday March 24 on the terrible touching she suffered as a child. Then, Audrey Crespo-Mara looked back on her film career – in which she made a cut – and in particular on his conflict with the director Benoît Jacquot, accused of rape with violence against a minor by Judith Godreche. In her book, Vahina Giocante describes it as “predator” : “I was very shocked by his arrogance“.

Vahina Giocante looks back on the filming of the film No scandal with Benoît Jacquot

Before even shooting in the film No scandalreleased in 1999 in cinemas, Vahina Giocante was warned: “I am told that Benoît Jacquot likes very young women“And impossible for her to miss.”her energy of seduction“At one point on the set, the then 17-year-old actress had to get out of bed.”in a fairly long, black t-shirt“:He comes to me and says: 'I'd like to do it again but I want you to take off your panties'”. A directive that she refused because there was “no justification“.”You don't argue, it's my film, that's how it is“, the director replied. Furious, Vahina Giocante returned to her dressing room and asked for flesh-colored underwear so as not to be “without anything“.”I felt very vulnerable“, she confides.

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Benoît Jacquot: “If you're nice, you'll do the next one [film]

Back on set, she shoots the requested scene again without him noticing the deception. “He looks at me with his sideways gaze. We finish then he comes to see me and says: 'you see when you want, it wasn't that difficult'”. At that moment, Vahina Giocante is upset by this “relationship of domination“so blatant and feels particularly”dirty” Subsequently, Benoît Jacquot, according to her, continued his little game but seeing that it did not work, he warned her. “If you're nice, you'll do the next one [film]“, he declared. To which she replied without mincing words that she was not “a nice girl” : “Kind, that is to say, not to object, not to say no“. Eventually, the man with the problematic behavior changed his attitude towards her. “He wasn't nice for the rest of the shoot either, but at least I had peace of mind.she concluded on TF1.

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