Deepfake: Is the mysterious disappearance of Kate Middleton's ring, for 1 second in her video, proof that everything was created by Artificial Intelligence?

Princess Kate may have revealed that she has cancer, putting an end to weeks of rumors and speculation about her health, but on social networks, conspiracy theories continue to flow. The Princess of Wales, 42, received messages of sympathy and well wishes from around the world after revealing on Friday that she was being treated for cancer. The fiasco of the edited photo of Kate with her children after several months of absence from any public life as well as the culture of secrecy in the royal family have largely fueled these online speculations.

For experts, the proliferation of unfounded rumors illustrates a kind of information chaos, in the age of artificial intelligence and online disinformation, which alters the general public's understanding of real events. Example: skull emojis on social media, suggesting that Kate was dead or in a coma.

But the main idea is that Kate's video was made by artificial intelligence (AI).

At least two elements prove this. First of all, despite the wind the flowers do not move, but especially at 1 minute and 19 seconds, her ring seems to disappear from her finger only to reappear 1 second later: “Typical AI errors according to messages posted on Internet”.

Le Parisien provides an answer this morning: “It is probably only a simple optical illusion linked to the compression of the video on X. In the original video, available in very high quality on YouTube, the ring does not disappear from the princess's finger.” (Original video below)

For their part, specialists in artificial intelligence highlighted the fact that this visual phenomenon, called motion blur, was completely banal. And that a frame-by-frame analysis of the video showed that the alliance never disappeared from the screen.

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