Jarry leaves Everyone wants to take his place: production reacts to his announcement, his replacement already mentioned

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Following Jarry's surprise announcement not to return to “Everyone wants to take their place”, the production of the game spoke to “Puremédias” and shared new details regarding the comedian's departure.

Jarry leaves Everyone wants to take his place: production reacts to his announcement, his replacement already mentioned

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I leave Everyone wants to take its placewhich is a great show, where I had an incredible year“. Therefore Jarry started his new Instagram video posted this Thursday, April 4, 2024 and created a surprise. Because less than a year after taking control of the flagship France 2 game, the comedian has already decided not to come back. “I'm still on the air for a few more months so I'm counting on you all“, he nevertheless clarified.

Faced with the news which has the effect of a bomb, our colleagues from Puremedias decided to contact Simone Harari Baulieu, the producer of Everyone wants to take its place. The latter said more about the circumstances of Jarry's departure. “We've been talking about it with him for several weeks“, she revealed. And for Florent Dumont, deputy director of antennas and programs at France Télévisions, to reassure: “He will stay on the air until the start of the school year, we have a sparse summer in terms of programming with the Tour de France and the Olympic Games. But Jarry will be there until the Paralympic Games which will take place from August 28 to September 8, 2024“.

Jarry separated from his children for too long

The producer then confirmed that the pace of filming was very intense. A little too much even for the host who would not have seen their children that “17 days since September“.”We shoot 5/6 shows per filming day, over 3 or 4 days in a row“, she underlined in passing. It should also be remembered that Jarry is based with his family in the south but works daily in Paris. Added to this is his tour project for his new show in France and Belgium. “Our discussions with him began when he resumed his tour and we all noticed how busy his schedule could be“, explains Simone Harrari-Beaulieu.

It now remains to find his or her replacement even if this is not quite on the agenda. “Everything in its time. Jarry still has several months of filming. We will continue the score with someone else. Everyone wants to take its place will continue. It's not 'all that for that', most of the changes (visual, sound, rules…) that Jarry made to Everyone wants to take its place will remain. The score will just be played by someone else“, it was confirmed to Puremédias.

Jarry had inherited Everyone wants to take its place on August 5, 2023. He then succeeded Laurence Boccolini who had presented the game for two seasons following the departure of Nagui.

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