8 years later, these twins born with a different skin color have changed a lot, “So beautiful”

THE pairs of twins intrigue as much as they fascinate. Between a special bond and a more or less pronounced physical resemblance, their similarities are scrutinized. By their parents and loved ones first. But sometimes, it is rather their differences that are singled out…

On social networks, the mother of Kalani and Jarani Dean was able to see it. Each born with a different skin color, the two girls are melting the Internet thanks to their rare physical characteristics. The parents of the twins were the first surprised by the difference in their adorable little ones.

Parents surprised by the difference in skin color of their twins

Whitney Meyer is white, Tomas Dean is black. However, they did not expect that their daughters' skin color would be so different. When they were born on April 23, 2016 in Illinois (United States), it was a big surprise! “Kalani was so clear. […] Do you know the chances of this happening?” tells their mother in the columns of Today.

For the father too, it’s a shock. “I never imagined having a daughter with blue eyes. I didn't think it was possible!”, he declares. Beyond their skin, Kalani and Jarani Dean's eye and hair color are also opposites. Result: no one could believe that little girls were twins, especially when they were babies.

photo credit: Instagram / @thedivadeantwins

The twins who were so different at birth have grown up well!

For the mother, her twins, both so different and so similar, encourage anyone to “love everyone equally”. “You can't watch one without loving them both”, she insists. As they prepare to celebrate their 8th birthday, Kalani and Jarani Dean have grown up!

It is clear that their differences have faded over the years. However, the girls remain unique in their kind. On Instagram, their mother still enjoys sharing photos of them, most often dressed identically. The least we can say is that they are melting the Internet!

The Web under the spell of these unique twins

Indeed, in the comments, Internet users never fail to compliment the twins. “They are incredibly cute”, “These little girls are so beautiful”, “Their skin color is no longer so different, they are so pretty!”, “Real angels”… is it possible to read under their photos.

photo credit: Instagram / @thedivadeantwins

Beyond their physical appearance, the important thing for the parents of Kalani and Jarani Dean lies above all in the fact that the little ones remain as close as ever. “She is your accomplice, your midnight companion, the one who knows when you smile, even in the dark. She's your twin sister”, wrote Whitney Meyer in the caption of a photo of her daughters. A nice message!

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